Sharing the Primal Love!

We're so grateful to have the opportunity to share our passion and knowledge around living more primal 

Conscious Foodie


Fellow Sunny Coast local Emily the Concsious Foodie approached us about answering some questions for her awesome blog and included one of our fave recipes Primal Pizza! Click on the image to read more...

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Jessie Remiers - The Big Fat Truth


Our friend Jessie Reimers - who writes a blog called The Big Fat Truth and who's petitioning against the Heart Foundation for the dangerous advice they provide to Australians - kindly mentioned us in a post she wrote to thank people for their support!

Paleo Foodies


Ali from Paleo Foodies in Sydney recently visited the Sunshine Coast and invited us to meet up for a chat. We talked about all things Paleo, primal living and lots of other things. Here's an interview she did with us afterwards and added to her awesome blog...

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Ali also blogged about her foodie adventures while visiting the Sunshine Coast and included us and our chat at our fave cafe The Silva Spoon

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Viki Thondley from MindBodyFood > Life Balance & Wellbeing


Viki was visiting the Coast from Toowoomba to enjoy a weekend retreat with her family and to explore the region. While here she was keen to meet with us and include Clint on her terrific MindBodyFood TV channel on YouTube! Here's the interview...

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Holistic Bliss Magazine


We were invited to be included in the new Paleo feature in one of our favourite magazines.. Holistic Bliss and we jumped at the chance! For 3 editions we have a neat little ad in the 2-page Paleo section, but in the September edition clint features with an editorial! Have a read below and click the image to view the magazine online...

'The Abnormal Psychologist' show on The Wellness Couch

The lovely Carrie Thomson Casey interviewed Clint about his amazing health transformation and his mindset over that period, and then the two of us for chat about the psychology around motivation for achieving health and fitness goals.


Click on the images to listen

Paleo Geeks Podcast

Elie Stowe and Nicole McPherson invited Clint as a guest on their online Paleo radio show to chat about all things primal living

'The Primal Shift' podcast 

We talked all things paleo living with Jo and Crystal on The Primal Shift show. 


We hope you find some inspiration in our experience with paleo living and how it's helped us overcome our own health challenges.


Click HERE to listen

Sunshine Coast Daily nature article
Sunshine Coast Daily Headspace Hootenanny
Real Food Festival in Sunshine Coast Daily

Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper

It was lovely to be featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily a few times this year!



One story was our ideas for cost-effective ways families can get out and enjoy the region. We suggested a few things in nature of course!




Aimee was in another day with a recipe leading up to the Real Food Festival.




And the same photographer who took our photo for the nature story was also at the Headspace Hootenanny where we had a stand and Clint took Primal Play Classes and wanted to take our picture again for that which was terrific!



Health Champions in Action podcast

We were privileged to be invited to speak on the Health Champions in Action podcast about overcoming chronic back pain through natural movement, natural health simplifying life, listening to your body and changing your attitude.


If you experience chronic pain and are at all interested in natural health then have a listen to this podcast and please let us know if you have any questions at all.




Organic Sisters - guest blog post


When the Organic Sisters approached me to be a guest blogger for them, with the focus being on kids and outdoor play, I jumped at the chance to get on board and get writing!


Have a read of 'The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children' and let me know what you think! -Clint




Nature & Health Magazine


I was stoked to give my perspective on nature time for adults and it's many benefits in the Spring edition of Nature & Health magazine!






Living the Paleo Way - guest blog post for At One Foods


We LOVE the guys who make At One bars, a local paleo bar company who've become friends of ours and support everything we do. Here's our blog post 'Living the Paleo Way', have a read!





Everyday Light Warriors


We had a lovely chat with local Sunny Coaster Yenny Stromgren about some of our favourite aspects of the Paleo Lifestyle on her Everyday Light Warriors podcast

 Blog Contribution


I contributed to 'How to Sneak More Exercise into Your Kid's Schedule' blog on 

Clint Blog Contribution


I contributed to 'How to Feel Healthy and Radiant During Pregnancy' blog on 


Sunshine Coast Frontier - Podcast

We had a good chat with Cody from Sunshine Coast Frontier on all things business challenges, what awesome primal services we offer, how we got started and what we do for fun on the Sunny Coast! Blog Contribution


I contributed to 'How to Get Healthy Without Really Trying' blog on 



Local Newspaper Story


Daily Mail Australia feature

Read the
Daily Mail Australia

Bumi's World podcast show Blog Contribution


I contributed to 'Ways You Can Fall Asleep Faster' blog on