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Hi, I'm Aimee!

Co-Director of Primal Influence and a passionate, experienced and dedicated Primal Health Coach for Women!


Since becoming a Personal Trainer in 2005, a Cooking Coach and more recently becoming a certified Primal Health Coach in 2021, I've helped hundreds of people become confident in creating healthy meals for themselves and their families using simple ingredients and cooking methods. I've also coached many clients in 1:1 and group environments to gain improved fitness, strength and general physical capability and functional movement ability, particularly with overcoming issues with long-term injuries and pain.
I have chronic and permanent lower back and neck issues and a history (since birth!) of general health issues. I still experience, and sometimes struggle with pain, low energy and depression but I have come an awful long way in improving my health to now have a great immune system, am mostly pain-free and have enough energy and drive to run two businesses and make time for myself.


I've achieved this through using natural and modern-ancestral lifestyle principles. I can honestly say I'm now predominantly very happy and healthy and know how to manage and improve when I experience challenging times. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others in a similar boat.
I work exclusively with women across Australia here under Primal Influence as well as Managing and helping run Autism & Beyond Australia with my partner Clint.

Primal Health Coaching for Women
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