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Natural Soap Making Event Registration Terms + Conditions

Who can attend:

- Teenagers and adults only. This is not a child-friendly event or venue.

What guests receive:

- Comprehensive soap making demonstration of the simple method Aimee's been using for a couple of years now to make coconut oil soap at home including how to make it economical and minimal.

- Information about the other types of natural soap Aimee likes to make and use

- A bar of soap to take home.

- Filtered water to drink.

- Information on where to source all ingredients and equipment.

- Printed and digital step-by-step instruction sheets.

- The opportunity to purchase food and drinks before and/or after the event from the cafe located next to the workshop room at That Little Flower Shop.

What guests can bring:

- A cushion as the seats provided are stools without cushioning.

- Drink bottle.

- Notepad and pen to take extra notes.

Why are these not hands-on classes?

- We specialize in providing comprehensive demonstrations and are not equipped to offer hands-on experiences in group situations. We would need regular access to a large facility that caters to what this type of event would require which is just not possible for us

- The cost of setting up an entire kit for individual participants would exceed the cost of what guests pay to attend demonstrations (e.g. a hands-on soap-making class typically costs $150+ per person). We offer demonstrations with clear instructions given verbally and written, with Q+A time, and find this is a great way for people to learn how the process to be able to attempt it easily at home.


- $40.00 per person for clients/parents of clients of Primal Influence and Autism & Beyond Coaching Australia. This price is also available for past attendees.

- $45.00 per person when bookings for 2 or people are made in one go. Full payment is required upfront.

- $50.00 per person for bookings for 1 person. The number of people this option is available for is dependant on availability of tickets at the time.

- Prices are AUD and include GST.

- Payment is required in full at the time of registration.

- Registration is essential from 6am 19/04/2022 until 8pm 27/05/2022.

- Walk-ins are not permitted.

Refunds + Cancellations:

- Refunds are not available unless the event is postponed to a later date by Primal Influence and registered attendees advise within 2 weeks of notification of the next event date they cannot attend the next date, however a credit to attend a future event of any kind of the same or greater value hosted by Primal Influence and Autism & Beyond Coaching Australia will be available.

- Should Primal Influence postpone the event due to unforeseen circumstances all registered attendees will be notified by email as soon as possible before the start time of the event. A new date will be announced within 7 days and registered attendees will have the option of confirming attendance for that new date or requesting a refund via email to Primal Influence. Refunds will be made in full, minus any third party transaction fees associated.

- As there is a limited number of seats available in the venue, notice of cancellation is appreciated no later than 24-hours prior to the event so we can potentially reach out to people on the waiting list. Notice of cancellation also helps assist in preparing the venue, handouts for guests etc.

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