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Natural Coconut Oil Bar Soap Tutorial

Learn how to make natural and safe-on-the-skin bar soap using just a few simple ingredients and a step-by-step video demonstration and written instructions.

Natural soap making tutorial

I've been using this basic but effective soap making method for about a decade now and have taught dozens of people the process through in-person workshops and video demo's.

Having this very handy forever-skill has meant I no longer need to buy bars of soap. I no longer need to read through the confusing ingredients list, even on the 'natural' versions trying to work out which is the safest to buy and then having to factor in the cost, usually around $6-$12 per bar. I make my own 2-3 times a year and have full control over what goes into the batches and therefore what I'm putting on my skin and into my body. It's really rewarding!

My instruction sheet also outlines where to source ingredients and equipment items from, how to make it super affordable for long-term soap making, safety precautions, colour and scent tips and tricks and more.. all from years of experience and lots of trial and error!

Please note: this method is specifically for coconut oil soap but you can use any good quality oils/fats you like at the same weight. My favourite combination is beef tallow and coconut oil or olive oil, and I teach coconut oil because it's an easy one for beginners

The video and instruction sheet are just $10 (+GST)

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