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Smokey BBQ Chips recipe

Smokey BBQ
Coconut Chips

Move over toxic-and-trans-fat-full packet chips...


here's a an easy DIY healthy swap.


2 cups organic dried coconut flakes (try this brand)

2 tbsp organic smoked paprika powder (Planet Organic have one)

Mineral salt to paste, ground pepper optional

2-4 tsp coconut oil or ghee, melted

Optional: use a ready-to-go a Mexican flavour mix such as this one from Mingle

Handy items to have


  1. Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees Celsius. 

  2. Place the coconut flakes in a bowl and drizzle the oil on, then stir well to try to spread the oil evenly. The flakes shouldn't be 'wet', just slightly oiled to help the flavour stick when cooking. Carefully drizzle more oil through if needed.

  3. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well to evenly, or close to, coat the flakes with the paprika and salt.

  4. Transfer to the oven tray and spread out evenly across the baking paper

  5. Place in the oven to crunch-up for 5-10 minutes. Check and stir around regularly to ensure edges of coconut flakes don't become too brown or burnt.

  6. Once the flakes have a fairly even light brown colouring, remove from the oven and allow to cool before serving.


Note: they may soften if stored away and not eaten quickly, due to the oils. So, they're best enjoyed not long after making them but a day or two in a container with a lid at room temp may still be fine.

Paleo smokey BBQ coconut chips

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