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For those wanting to lose weight, get fitter, feel better, live healthier, enjoy life and prefer a more natural and fun approach.


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1:1 and Partner Health + Fitness  Coaching (for adults)

Specialised + unique fitness and lifestyle training for adults
The 1:1 and Partner Health and Fitness Coaching sessions are for those who live on the Sunshine Coast and are seeking a more effective and fun approach to achieving important health and fitness goals

F.U.N. Fitness Classes for Women

Functional. Unique. Natural.
This unique approach to fitness is designed around having fun. Doing crunches and burpees is so 5 mins ago! These classes work the whole body the whole time, helping you to save time, lose weight and get fit.​

Primal Kids Classes - School Term Outdoor Programs

Designed to help children who aren’t developing physically at the same pace as other children, have low muscle mass for their age, and who suffer from low self-esteem and/or confidence
Term #1: Co-ordination + Body Awareness

Private Kids Coaching

Customised and fun programs to help kids be and feel the best they can. 1:1 or sibling sessions.
Some children need extra care and attention to help achieve optimum mental and physical well-being.  Private Kids Coaching sessions are designed to help children become fitter and improve physical and mental capabilities while helping increase their self-esteem and confidence.  

Food Chats + Cooking Coaching

Food chats and private cooking workshops to give you knowledge, support and guidance for healthier eating at home!
When you cook your own healthy food you're really taking your health into your own hands - which is fantastic!

Primal Kids Parties

Fun party entertainment that gets kids moving and laughing + yummy allergy-friendly party foods everyone can enjoy!
Hire Clint to take a Primal Play for Kids class at your child's birthday party, or Aimee to make a variety of healthy party treats (no one will know they're healthy either!), or both!

Healthy Home Cooked Meals Made for You

Sit back, relax and let someone else do the cooking for you!
If you don't enjoy cooking or simply don't have the time to, but you want to provide healthy, hearty and tasty meals for yourself and/or your family, we can help!
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