Candied Riberry Macadamia Nuts



1 cup raw whole macadamia nuts

3 tsp riberry powder

3 tbsp raw honey


Kitchen Gadgets:


Stainless steel frypan

Silicon spatula or wooden spoon

Baking paper

Small mixing bowl




1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl so the nuts are coated fairly evenly with the honey and riberry powder

2. Heat a pan to low-medium temp and add nuts and any remaining honey and riberry mixture

3. Ensure the nuts are all touching the pan and stir them around when they begin to brown underneath

4. Stir every so often to try to prevent any sides from burning and all edges become a nice light brown colour. The honey can burn easily because of the sugar-content so keep an eye on the pan and stir nuts around as needed

5. When they're almost all browned relatively evenly place a piece of baking paper down on the benchtop or chopping board and transfer the nuts to that using a spoon

6. Let them cool down and crisp up a bit before serving




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