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Family nature day and camp events in the country

Return to Nature Family Events Sunshine Coast

Special nature experiences for families; for their own personal growth and development as well as benefiting from important bonding opportunities.

Bring the kids out to the country for a day of nature immersion; learning innate and traditional human skills, connecting to the environment around you and with each other and eating clean and delicious food.


One-day and overnight camp events are for families wanting to experience and benefit from more quality time outdoors and with each other.


The activities and the environment may spark excitement, creativity, imagination and enthusiasm in you and your kids! 


Spear Making, Fire-Making, Eco-Craft, Bushtucker and Cooking Workshops are just some of the possible activities you can participate in.


Whether you and your children simply don't get enough nature time each week and you're seeking more,

or you're outdoors often and want to learn new skills, meet new people and experience something truly unique... these events are for you!


We're currently planning an event for the end of 2022.

Register your interest to find out as soon as the next event is set.

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