Below are some of the results and successes from 1:1 and sibling
Private Kids Coaching sessions 
Was shy and lacked physical confidence


Mr. W (9 years) had very low self-esteem and confidence as well as lacking a father figure in his life as his father passed away at a young age. He didn't enjoy team sports because he didn't feel good enough to participate which left him withdrawn and spending too much time on his tech devices.  



After only 12 weeks of 1:1 sessions with me, (one session per week) Mr. W was a completely different child. The mix of natural movement and roughhousing that we did during his sessions allowed him to really come out of his shell, both mentally and physically and feel good about himself.

I was excited to hear that Mr. W joined a Brazillian Ju-Jitsu class after finishing our block of sessions, because he was more confident and motivated.

A self-confessed nerd


Mr. A (11 years) came to me as a self-confessed nerd. He lacked physical fitness, co-ordination, self-esteem and confidence. He had never managed to spend a whole night at a friends sleepover with friends because he would easily become overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. 


During our time together not only did Mr A's self-esteem and confidence increase, but his physical abilities and fitness also improved.  He achieved things he never thought he would, such as signing up to the school cricket team and coming 3rd place in sprints at his school sports day. 


He also no longer has worries about sleeping at friends houses and is not afraid to try new things.

My ability to get meltdowns under control

Throughout my time coaching children I've worked with many with Autism, ADHD, Aspergers, behavioral issues and other emotional and physical challenges. 


This is certainly not a worry for me as I have a knack for communicating with children in a way that calms them down, removes the focus from the stress if needed, or removing the stress cause altogether.


I've realised I'm really good at helping kids overcome their meltdowns, and as many parents and educators know, once a meltdown kicks in it can mean the end of the activity that was in place, and a lot of work to get the meltdown to stop and for the child to feel calm again. I have the ability to stop meltdowns, using a few different elements such as communication techniques and movements.     This is a natural skill I'm really grateful to have.  

Confidence to take on the whole world, or an older sister at least

Miss G. (7 years) was a tiny little thing compared with her older and much taller sister. Whenever it came to any of the physical games we played together she'd often give up easily.  This all changed after some time together; she was becoming very capable at the games and movements we did together.


During one of our sessions, we played a game called Bull in the Ring.  The object of this game was to push your opponent out of the circle drawn on the beach. Miss G had never won this game against her sister and it looked like during this particular session that wouldn't change. Early on her sister was pushing her around and it looked like the game would end early, but nobody told Miss G this! With an almighty push, she managed to shove her sister out of the ring giving her a hard-earned victory!


Miss G's mum later told me that since that day Miss G had newfound confidence, started giving everything a try and no longer let her sister push her around. She said she was "like a different person" in a good way.

Creating calm and focus despite Autism


Mr. H (8 years) is Autistic, likes for things to go his way, lacked focus, often experiences intense meltdowns and has poor body awareness.


I'm currently working with Mr. H  and so far during our time together there have been significant positive changes. He doesn't have as many meltdowns as he once did and if he gets close to experiencing one I'm usually able to overt the crisis and help him to calm down and feel in control again. The activities and the games we play have helped him become more focused and present, allowing him to get more out of our sessions.

I'm looking forward to seeing what further improvements we'll make together in the future.

Working with a client, every step of their journey, for as long as they need

I worked with Brenton, an Autistic adult in his 20's, for about 7 years. In that time we accomplished a lot together and I saw him improve with his fitness, his motivation, his understanding of and desire for healthier eating and supported him through both his ups and downs. He and his parents often told me how patient and understanding I was, and that no other PT would have been as much of a friend and support for Brenton as I was. When he eventually had to stop training due to changes to his location and overall personal situation, I was sad to see him go but happy for all the work we did together and how far he had come. I'm grateful to have played such a big role in his life and to have contributed to better health and happiness for his great young man.

"Clint, thank you so much for the wonderful friend and mentor you have been to Brenton" - mum Julie