Terms & Conditions - Refer a Friend Program

The Refer a Friend option is for ANYONE who refers a new client to Primal Influence for 1-on-1 Health and Fitness Coaching. The referrer receives a voucher as a "thank you" for spreading the word about us!


The terms are:


  • New Primal Influence clients only who have never used the Health and Fitness Coaching or Primal Fitness Class services before.

  • Eligible for new clients who start using the 12 or 24 session programs.

  • The voucher the Referrer can choose to receive must be one of the following: Bunnings, BCF, Super Cheap, Coles/Myer, Lindcraft, Event Cinema. Or the Referrer can request cash instead.

  • The voucher or cash amount is for AUD $40.00.

  • If choosing cash, the Referrer must provide bank details via email (account holder' s name, account number and BSB) .

  • The Referrer is eligible is the new client has provided Primal Influence with the full name, email address and phone number of the Referrer.



Here's an example of this in action...


Bob sees a Primal Influence Facebook post and thinks his friend Sarah may enjoy this style of training. Sarah contacts us and starts as a new client. Sarah tells us Bob referred her. We get in touch with Bob to find out what voucher he'd like and give it to him as a "thanks" for referring Sarah.


Everyone benefits!