Strawberry Mousse



1 cup or about 1 punnet chopped fresh strawberries

1 cup frozen pure coconut milk/cream ice cubes (we like Ayam)

2 tbsp pure beef gelatin powder

1/2 cup filtered/spring water

Sweetener of choice. I use about 1-2 tbsp raw honey

or 1 tsp green stevia powder



1/2 tsp pure vanilla (paste, bean, extract, powder)

Garnish with a sprinkle of desiccated coconut and/or cacao nibs


Kitchen Gadgets:



Small saucepan

Silicon spatula


Ice cube tray

Serving bowls/cups



1. Pour water into the saucepan and place on the stove top without heat on

2. Gently sprinkle the gelatin powder evenly over the surface of the water to 'bloom' the gelatin (i.e. soften it)

3. Turn the heat on and whisk constantly until all granules are dissolved and the liquid starts to bubble (it needs to be hot for this recipe to work)

4. Place coconut milk/cream ice cubes into the blender along with the strawberries, honey and vanilla 

5. Pour the gelatin mixture in and blitz on high until no lumps of coconut or strawberry remain

6. Quickly pour the blended mixture into serving dishes then place in the fridge for just a few minutes to finish setting

The technique of blending on high-speed hot gelatin liquid with frozen liquid creates air bubbles that set instantly. Hence, mousse!


Watch the video above for a more comprehensive explanation and for extra tips!



Free from: Gluten / Grains / Dairy / Refined sugars / Soy / Legumes / Eggs / Nuts / Seeds



This is a great recipe to serve in individual containers/dishes for when friends and family come over as it's a little 'fancy'!



Strawberry Mousse

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