Quick + Easy Mayonnaise



Around 1 cup organic olive oil (but pour from the bottle until thick)
1 egg (the smaller the egg the less oil you'll need)

2 tsp pure mustard powder
1 tsp raw garlic
1 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar

Kitchen Gadgets:


Container with lid

Stick blender and jug

Narrow jug/cup with a good pouring lip (I prefer to pour from the oil bottle)

Damp cloth

Silicon spatula

Measuring spoons




Place the damp cloth on the bench top near the stick blender plugged into power, then place the stick blender jug on top. It'll help prevent it twisting and moving when the mixture become thick.


In the stick blender jug place all ingredients, except for the oil, and blitz on high speed for a few seconds to combine

Hold the oil bottle/jug in one hand right at the top rim of the stick blender jug holding it in place with your forefinger to stabilize the jug, then holding the stick blender in the other hand, have the stick blender on high speed and slowly pour the olive oil into the jug, lifting the stick blender up and down to ensure the oil emulsifies properly.


Pouring speed doesn't have to be too slow, one of the benefits of using a stick blender is pouring can happen quickly (as
opposed to a regular blender), however if this is your first attempt it's recommended to pour slowly until you get the hang of it.


The trickiest part is keeping the stick blender jug stable because as the mixture thickens the jug wants to turn around If using a regular blender it's important to pour the oil in as a thin slow drizzle otherwise the mixture will split. The blending speed needs to be high, the oil can be poured into the lid hole very slowly until the mayo mixture becomes very thick.


The ideal thickness is like thick custard.

Variations to consider trying:

- leave out the mustard powder and replace the apple cider vinegar with lemon or lime juice for a nice tangy version that goes great with seafood

- leave out the garlic if you don't like it

- add different types of paprika, herbs and other spices for flavour-boosting





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