Beef Jerky (two ways!)

A great way to utilise cheaper cuts of good quality meat when you're eating a meat-based diet, and to get some variety with texture and flavour than just making patties all the time.

Plain Beef Mince: Ingredients:


500g lean grass-fed beef mince

Plenty of good quality salt (I use Australian pink lake salt, or Redmans salt,

or Himalayan salt)

Optional: organic pure herbs and spices of choice if not eating strict carnivore.

Kitchen Gadgets:



Baking paper



1. Cut baking paper to fit the shape and size of your dehydrator trays.

2. Grab mince about 1 tbsp in size and flatten out in the palm of your hand to about 2-3mm

3. Place each flattened piece of mince on the baking paper, they can touch but a gap between each will allow for proper drying

4. Sprinkle salt on liberally. On one or both sides of each piece. It's hard to over-salt this!

5. Place on about 45 degrees Celsius (or whatever raw temp your appliance offers) for about 20-22 hours. Check at the 20-hour mark - you're looking for each piece to be completely dry and NOT soft to touch. Move any pieces around as you need if you notice some areas of the tray dry the food out quicker. Leave on for as long as you think it needed to complete the drying if required.

6. When ready store pieces in a jar with a lid in the pantry.

Beef Mince + Heart:


You'll need a food processor or mincer for this.


The same ingredients as above but replace half the mince quantity with trimmed and chopped beef heart (or just add 250g heart to the 500g mince for a larger quantity of jerky).

Add the mince and heart pieces to the food processor, along with salt and any herbs then blitz on medium speed until well combined and only very small heart chunks remain, otherwise it won't stick together and become thin jerky in the dehydrator.

Then follow the same method by pressing small amounts down onto baking paper or dehydrator sheets, as thin as possible and drying out completely before storing away in a jar.

Beef heart, when trimmed of fat and sinew is very lean, and combined with mince is a truly delicious way to consume offal containing essential nutrients!




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