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Natural health products for the whole family for a variety of needs and budgets, plus recipe e-books full of delicious healthy recipes.

Browse the affiliated and the direct-through-me product menus below

affiliated products

View a huge range of websites with products I'm proud to be affiliated with. I only promote what I trust and believe in - that align with my Primal Health Coaching values - and for doing this I receive a very small referral fee when you make a purchase through my unique affiliate links

other products

These are products you can order directly through me. I use and recommend these personally and I don't receive a referral fee for you purchasing; I order these myself to send directly to you. I keep the cost to you as close to my wholesale price as possible.


Recipe e-books using hero primal ingredients such as gelatin powder and green banana flour; both of which can be tricky to work with for beginners, but with easy-to-follow recipes for all occasions and tastes, you'll soon be a pro!

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