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Product Ordering Terms + Conditions

Current order open 24 August to 1 September 2023.

Minimum spend is $55.00.

Products are subject to availability from the supplier. If we cannot order specific items customers have requested we will advice the customer via email ASAP and a replacement item (or more to make up the minimum spend requirement) will need to be chosen.

Ancestral Nutrition requires a minimum purchase in order to obtain the low prices we offer, if we do not receive enough orders for particular varieties we will email all customers to advise that a particular quantity of particular varieties is needed before the order can be completed at our end. E.g. We need to order 6 bottles minimum either all one variety or half and half mixture of Primal Energy and Primal Multi.

Collection or postage are available.  Collection is required within 7 days of date of email from us to you advising your items are ready.

Postage starts from $12.00 and will be calculated based on customer orders. Customers need to indicate express or standard postage on the order form and agree to pay for the total as per the invoice total provided by Primal Influence. Pre-paid Australia Post satchels will be used. 

Primal Influence takes no responsibility for any damage incurred during shipping or collection if item/s is/are left outside of the residential premises for any period.

Once we have received all items from the various suppliers (this is essentially a co-op) and all customer payments are received in full, items will be posted or available for collection. Customers will be advised of this via email.

The full order total, including postage, needs to be paid prior to us posting your items, via an invoice that will be emailed to you.

The order fee must be paid using the Invoice number as the reference number within 2 days of the invoice date, and if payment isn't received within 5 days the order will be cancelled.

Swapping, returning and refunds are not available.

Prices are above wholesale and below RRP as this is essentially a co-op system.

Primal Influence takes no responsibility in any physical effect to any individual as a result of taking/consuming any of the items ordered. It's the responsibility of the purchaser to take appropriate caution and care measures when buying, consuming and storing food and supplement products.

Collection must be made within seven (7) days of the date of the email notification provided by Primal Influence to the buyer.


Primal Influence do not need to be home but do require a day and time provided via email with at least 24-hours notice to ensure the items can be left at the front door or in the courtyard behind the gate.

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