Are you concerned about your childs' physical and emotional

well-being and is it affecting family life?

Does your child suffer from low self-esteem and confidence and

lack coordination?

Do they spend more time indoors on their devices than outside playing? 

Private Kids Coaching can help get them moving, feeling happy and confident in themselves.

Which can have a positive impact on the rest of the family.

This fully personalized 8-week program consists of exercises and games focusing on the specific areas needing improvement,
as well as mentoring and connection with an experienced and dedicated coach who will guide your child (and your family!)
to achieve a better quality of life.

This isn't a just-pay-and-off-you-go product.
It's a private personal training program made for your child!

Available at multiple locations on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Start with an obligation-free 20min phone chat with Clint to discuss what your child needs then book in a 30min Trial Session.

Trial Sessions are $42/$45 (+ GST), paid prior to the day and $10 from each goes to local charity - Comunite'z "Unite for Life" - supporting mental health + suicide prevention


Who it's NOT for?
Super-fit and confident kids.

Who it IS for?
The best results are with kids who are shy, on the spectrum,
and/or lack sporting desire and ability.
Looking for school holiday options? Click here

Forming a unique bond through communication, trust and connection
*Use your NDIS
self- managed plans with us

Testimonials from Kids:


"I’ve really enjoyed my time with Clint and improving skills like balance, coordination and confidence. He’s a lot of fun to work with and when you’re with him it doesn’t feel like exercise, it feels like just having fun with a friend."

~ Aiden, 11 years old



Testimonials from Parents:
"Clint has been such a positive influence on my 5 year old daughter in such a short time frame. Clint instantly built a connection with her in the trial session and she has been so excited to see him every week. She has needed to build confidence and strength in her body and increase her love for playing in nature without the pressure on herself to do things "perfectly". This "play time" has not only been great for her physical fitness, but has also boosted her mood, self-confidence, self-esteem and allowed her to become more relaxed in her everyday life. And he has really gone the extra mile to incorporate her interests into the sessions. I cannot recommend Primal Influence more highly for each and every kid!"
~ Kate Manley



Clint Bauer

Primal Fitness Coach

Qualified Personal Trainer, MovNat Trainer, Blue Card holder, Nature Play QLD Activity Provider, previously a very shy young person/adult with no confidence - now a confident and capable man and a big kid!

Melissa "Mouse" Mayers

Primal Kids Coach

Qualified Personal Trainer, Blue Card holder, experienced coaching kids of all ages and backgrounds in surfing, skiing and more.


Mouse is a sport and nature lover and passionate about helping kids reach their full potential.


Basic Terms + Conditions

Parents are required to read and sign an online Private Kids Coaching Program Contract + Cancellation Policy in Google Forms prior to the program commencing (after the Trial Session). Parents are then required to read and sign each new version created and sent by the Coach via email before their child's next session.

Parents are required to pay the $42.00/$45.00 (+ GST) for Trial Session no later than 24 hours prior to the date of the Trial Session. 24-hours notice of cancellation by the Parent to the Coach is required via text message or email. 

Contact regarding clients and sessions should not be made via social media, text message to Clint and email are the acceptable methods.

The Trial Session date can be moved back a maximum of two weeks.

Standard program reports are provided around the 6-week mark of each 8-week block of sessions, at no extra cost, to update parents/guardians on the progress of clients, suggest what areas need more improvement and other relevant information.

Reports specifically for NDIS incur a fee of $20.00 (+ GST) to be paid in full prior to writing the report. Reports are not designed to be the same as or similar to formal practitioner reports and parents/guardians must advise of what details are required to be included.


Some frequently asked questions include:

Q: Where are you based and do you travel to locations for sessions?

A: Clint is based on Chambers Island in Maroochydore, Mouse is based at Coolum Beach (new Coaches TBA). We cannot travel away from the set parks we use for sessions because any time spent traveling is time we can't give to working with kids. Families often travel to see us and some choose 1-hr sessions over 30 minutes to get more benefit from the time taken to attend sessions.

Q. Can I opt for different days and times throughout the 8-week period?

A. No. So we can provide the best service to all our clients, to avoid new clients missing out on times, and to create consistency, sessions need to be held on one set day and time each week decided upon by the parent and Coach prior to each Program commencing. (e.g. Wednesday x 2, Thursday x 2, Wednesday x 2, Thursday x 2 is not an option)


Q: Can you include activities in sessions such as skating, swimming, surfing etc?

A: No. We specialise in natural movement, play and games with a large portion of what we do being about communication and relationships. The physical elements and the confidence-building do, however, greatly compliment all other activities kids might currently be doing or hope to in the future because natural movement and play improves all areas of essential foundation human movement such as balancing, coordination, climbing, jumping, running etc. 

Q: What happens if it's raining?

A: Sessions usually still go ahead unless the rain is really heavy and the Coach and/or client are not comfortable working outside in the rain. If the park has undercover areas the Coach may suggest using those for some or all of a wet session but training outdoors in challenging conditions helps build resilience so we aim to continue sessions even in rainy conditions.

If the forecast is for dangerous conditions we automatically cancel sessions.


Aida badge.jpg

Primal Kids Badges

An exciting new addition to this service!​ 

Private Kids Coaching clients can achieve a variety of cool badges during sessions and from activities and behaviours shown at home and school.

There are even a select few only available through our special nature events!

The badges are to help motivate kids to improve in a variety of primal lifestyle elements from natural movement skills, confidence, going barefoot and more.


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