Private Kids Coaching

Creating confident and happy children through personalised and fun training
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Private 1:1 and Sibling Sessions:

Some children need extra care and attention to help achieve optimum mental and physical well-being.  Private Kids Coaching sessions are designed to help children increase self-esteem, confidence and body awareness as well as becoming fitter and improving their physical and mental capabilities
This style of coaching is a great option for children who:
  • are shy and uncomfortable in social situations
  • experience learning difficulties
  • are on the Spectrum e.g Autism, ADHD, etc
  • have physical disabilities and limitations
  • don't enjoy sports or typical exercise
  • have fallen behind in development due to poor health at some point
  • don't have a hands-on or emotionally encouraging masculine influence or father figure in their lives
  • do play sports or participate in other physical activities that require good foundation fitness, strength, agility, and coordination
  • would benefit from more laughter and joy
- Chambers Island, Maroochydore
- Point Cartwright, Buddina
- A variety of basic natural movements, games, and activities tailored to your child's personality, behavior and needs, all designed to help improve the child's emotional health and physical development.
Sessions are created to improve and increase the general strength that each child's body and mind is naturally meant to be able to perform, while also teaching them to be agile and confident in a wide range of movements.
They'll also benefit from being outdoors, away from electronics and technology, getting fresh air and sunshine, interacting with Clint, their siblings (if applicable), and using their imagination and creativity. All this stimulates brain function which is an important part of their general health and well-being as they grow.
This is not typical exercise! There won't be Burpees, Crunches, Pushups and other typical exercises. The activities in these sessions can complement other sporting and movement activities they participate in as well as provide all-around fitness improvement should this be the only physical activity they partake in.
Clint is a naturally good communicator with kids and adapts his sessions and how he talks to how kids are feeling and behaving on the day. Kids really respond to his communication and coaching methods and feel really comfortable with him really quickly, which helps them get the most out of their training sessions.
Pricing: (from Monday 16 December 2019)
1-on-1 Sessions
6 weeks: $40 per session. Total cost =  $240
12 weeks: $37 per session. Total cost =$444
1-on-2 Sibling Sessions: 
6 weeks: $55 per session. Total cost = $330
12 weeks: $52 per session. Total cos = $624
1-on-3 Sibling Sessions: Email for price
- Sessions are 30 minutes.
- Fees are to be paid upfront or weekly with one session in advance
(but can differ with NDIS funding options)
Introductory Session:
- An initial 30-minute trial session is required to see if Clint and the child/children work well together and if this style of coaching is something they would benefit from.
- The cost of this session is $20 (this is to be paid prior to the session via bank transfer)
*Use your NDIS
self- managed plans with us

The Mentor + Trainer:


Clint Bauer

Qualified Personal Trainer, MovNat Trainer, Blue Card holder, Nature Play QLD Activity Provider, previously a very shy kid with no confidence, now a confident and capable man and a big kid!

Testimonials from Kids:


"I’ve really enjoyed my time with Clint and improving skills like balance, coordination and confidence. He’s a lot of fun to work with and when you’re with him it doesn’t feel like exercise, it feels like just having fun with a friend."

~ Aiden, 11 years old



Testimonials from Parents:


"My 2 sons and I made the trip from Brisbane for a session with Clint. I wasn't sure how things would go as my sons have Autism and new people and situations can be stressful. As soon as we arrived Clint managed to connect with the boys and transitioned the group easily into some fun physical games which held their interest and provided the right amount of challenge and natural reward. My boys finished the session calmer, more focused and wanting to come again! I highly recommend these sessions for all children to explore their strength and capabilities in a safe and supportive environment"

~ Sarah Nelson




Due to the specialized nature of my training and increased demand for my services we first need to chat on the phone to discuss your child/children, what they need and how I can help. Then we may organise an Introductory Trial Session.


This will ensure that I, your child/children and you the parent are best suited to each other to achieve maximum results.

Please complete the form below accurately and provide 2-3 suitable times for me to give you a call

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