Are you concerned about your childs' physical and emotional

well-being and is it affecting family life?

Does your child suffer from low self-esteem and confidence and

lack coordination?

Do they spend more time indoors on their devices than outside playing? 

Private Kids Coaching can help get them moving, feeling happy and confident in themselves.

Which can have a positive impact on the rest of the family.

This fully personalized 8-week program consists of exercises and games focusing on the specific areas needing improvement,

as well as mentoring and connection with an experienced and dedicated coach who will guide your child (and your family!)

to achieve a better quality of life.

This isn't a just-pay-and-off-you-go product.

It's a private personal training program made for your child!

Start with an obligation-free 20min phone chat with Clint to discuss what your child needs then book in a 30min Trial Session.

Trial Sessions are $10, paid prior to the day and 100% of the money goes to local charity Smart Pups - providing assistance dogs for children with autism and seizure-related conditions


Who it's NOT for?

Super-fit and confident kids.

Who it IS for?

The best results are with kids who are shy, on the spectrum,

and/or lack sporting desire and ability.


*Use your NDIS
self- managed plans with us

Testimonials from Kids:


"I’ve really enjoyed my time with Clint and improving skills like balance, coordination and confidence. He’s a lot of fun to work with and when you’re with him it doesn’t feel like exercise, it feels like just having fun with a friend."

~ Aiden, 11 years old



Testimonials from Parents:


"My 2 sons and I made the trip from Brisbane for a session with Clint. I wasn't sure how things would go as my sons have Autism and new people and situations can be stressful. As soon as we arrived Clint managed to connect with the boys and transitioned the group easily into some fun physical games which held their interest and provided the right amount of challenge and natural reward. My boys finished the session calmer, more focused and wanting to come again! I highly recommend these sessions for all children to explore their strength and capabilities in a safe and supportive environment"

~ Sarah Nelson



Meet your Fitness + Lifestyle Coach:


Clint Bauer

Qualified Personal Trainer, MovNat Trainer, Blue Card holder, Nature Play QLD Activity Provider, previously a very shy kid with no confidence, now a confident and capable man and a big kid!

Basic Terms + Conditions

Parents are required to read and sign an online Private Kids Coaching Program Contract + Cancellation Policy in Google Forms prior to the program commencing (after the Trial Session). Parents are then required to read and sign each new version created and sent by the Coach via email before their child's next session.

Parents are required to pay the $10.00 for Trial Session no later than 24 hours prior to the date of the Trial Session. 24-hours notice of cancellation by the Parent to the Coach is required via text message or email. 

Contact regarding clients and sessions should not be made via social media, text message to Clint and email are the acceptable methods.

The Trial Session date can be moved back a maximum of two weeks.

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