About this role


As a Primal Kids Coach, you'll work with predominantly primary school-aged ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) children under the Private Kids Coaching service for 30min - 1-hr sessions, at a public park (for North Brisbane) or in our studio (coming soon for the Sunshine Coast!).


The sessions are available for 1:1 (1x child) and sibling sessions for 2-3 children at one time and incorporate a variety of fun and functional games and activities based on the needs and personality of the client and the goals of the parent/s.


You won't be standing back instructing and watching; you'll be participating in every game, activity and movement you ask the kids to do. 

This is a special role where you'll be directly responsible for helping children to move, feel and live better while also providing great benefit to the rest of the family indirectly.

The role is definitely unique as it's not something that can be taught in any college or requires any specific qualifications. It was created by Primal Influence co-owner and experienced Natural Fitness + Lifestyle Coach Clint Bauer from his experience working with children privately, with classes and through our events and incorporates a variety of natural movement, play and fitness elements with improved fitness and strength being a 'side-effect' to the emotional and behavioral benefits which are the main focus of this service.


This service is in great demand for ASD families, practitioners and support workers are seeking holistic activities for their clients. Clint is at capacity with clients, we've successfully brought on a new Primal Kids Coach on the Sunshine Coach, with more coming in 2021, so we now wish to expand this service to North Brisbane to help families in that region. 


It's a truly rewarding and fulfilling role as you'll be working closely and physically interacting with kids on a weekly basis, encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone, helping them achieve things they don't think are possible, watching them grow and evolve into more emotionally and physically capable human beings.

IN A NUTSHELL, this role is a combination of mentoring, strength and fitness coaching, being a friend

and role model, and a nature-play advocate/educator.

What experience + qualifications do applicants need?

A qualified Personal Trainer (Cert 4 in Fitness) or other relevant qualifications are essential or currently studying a suitable course to be qualified soon.


If you're keen to study to obtain suitable qualifications in the future you may apply for possible consideration for future available positions - contact us and we might chat then keep in touch.

Possible qualifications may include:

- Cert 4 Fitness (Personal Trainer)

- Level 1, 2 or 3 MovNat Trainer

- Sports Coaching

- Early Childhood

- Other coaching, sports or fitness-related courses allowing working with children and teaching games, activities and play

If you have experience working with NT (Neuro-typical) and/or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) children and have very good physical fitness and stamina you'll be highly regarded.

We do the work getting you the clients and we teach you all you need to know to effectively run

your sessions, such as all games/activities/natural movement skills, communication techniques

and admin systems.

We encourage you to bring your unique flair and creativity to the role!

What about permits, insurance etc?

If you don't already have these you'll need to obtain:

- an ABN (sole trader)

- a TFN (tax file number)

- a Blue Card (working with children)

- an Australian Police Check
- a Council commercial use low impact land use permit (if based outside of the Sunshine Coast)
- $20M public liability insurance (to include physically working with children)

- CPR and First Aid certificates

(The Blue Card and Police Check are essential for the third phase of the interview process should you get through)

What personal + professional attributes + desires are we looking for?

- You're excited to be working closely with primary-school-aged kids, mostly on the Spectrum

- You're open to learning natural movement skills and play activities (climbing, hanging, crawling, balancing etc + games) 

- You're creative and have a good imagination

- You're adaptable, patient, empathetic, and have good verbal and written communication skills 

- You have good computer literacy and both verbal and written communication skills

- You're serious about making this a long-term part-time or full-time career and will give this role 100% attention and energy

- You don't already have your own business or work for someone else in a similar role or capacity

- You don't have niggling injuries or chronic pain (example: a bad back, dodgy knees etc)

- You're energetic and have a positive mindset

- You're a nature lover and are passionate about getting more kids (and adults!) outdoors to utilize nature for their health and well-being

There is room to grow within Primal Influence; with the potential to run school holiday and

in-school-hours classes, and be involved in our local events/workshops, nature day events and

weekend camps. There may also be opportunities for professional development in terms of obtaining

new and relevant skills and qualifications.

Time requirements + pay

Time: you need to be available for a minimum of 8 hours per week, with some definite availability after-school (usually 3pm onwards) and on weekends (preferably Saturdays)

Pay rate: From $40 per hour for private coaching sessions

Location: North Brisbane at one public park (Pine Rivers area or nearby - therefore you must live close-ish to that region) or in our studio coming soon to the Sunshine Coast


Intended start date: Second half of 2021 onwards

Paid training will be provided to the successful applicant for 4-5 hours over 1-2 days on the Sunshine Coast.

Could you be our next Primal Kids Coach?

If you think it's a possibility and would like to apply here's what to do next and the process involved:

1. Email us with your resume file attached (Word/PDF only):

2. Complete ONE of these online application forms:



3. Wait for an email receipt of your application (usually within 48-hours) which may include a request to meet

4. If you've been invited to meet we'll tee up a time to get together - either in North Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast - and chat more about you, what you know about our business, the role, what happens in Private Kids Coaching sessions, and anything else we need and want to cover


5. We'll invite you to view a couple of Clint's client sessions so you can see what goes on and ultimately what you'd be doing if you come on board


6. If you're then keen to progress we would organise 1-3 sessions with clients where you can be involved so we can see you working and communicating with kids

7. The successful candidate will then be invited to join the team and the training and fun will commence! 


- Videos included

- Resume not attached to an email

- The Google Form application not completed accurately

- People not residing in North Brisbane or Sunshine Coast