Primal Kids Classes 

A fun + unique approach to kids health + fitness 



Creative games and activities aimed at allowing children to explore their abilities and the environment around them in a safe semi-structured/unstructured way.


Less rules. More fun.


The activities and movements can be stand-alone or can complement other activities and sports kids participate in.


However, unlike with sports and bootcamps, children are encouraged to move around and physically interact with others, and with me, to discover and build upon their own physical and mental capabilities; strengths, limitations and joys. 


These classes will improve:


     General body awareness


     Control + coordination


     Self-esteem + confidence



Other fantastic benefits include:


+ Reducing screen time

+ Connecting with nature

+ Making new friends

+ Starting to create new healthy habits

+ Influence of a positive male role model other than a father figure

Professional endorsement


"Clint certainly is a favourite with the children! We have hosted Clint’s Primal Play class here at Wildlings Forest School and his program is among one of the favourite with the Wildlings! You know when he has arrived when the children squeal with delight at his presence. His unique approach certainly helps to raise self-esteem and confidence in a fun and supportive environment. I would highly recommend his program as an alternative to traditional physical education classes!"



Vicci Oliver

Director of Wildlings Forest School 

Days + Times: new weekly timetable coming soon
Location: Chambers Island, Maroochydore 
Class #1: 4-8 years old  (capable of understanding basic instructions)
Class #2: 8-12 years old  (can easily understand and follow instructions)
(45min classes, including 3-5 min wind-down activity to end each class with the aim they don't leave feeling too hyped up from all the fun)
First class is FREE*
Then it's **$15 per child per class, however many weeks remain when a child starts 
(e.g. starting with 6 weeks remaining in the school term = $140)
The goal is children attend one class per week. If they can't attend one day for whatever reason there are other classes available in the week, or they can attend two another week.
*For first-time class attendees.
**Special price for 3 children from the same family - $12 per child ($9 saving per class).
BONUS: Customised reports are available for an additional $20 (paid upfront). This individual report will include a breakdown of what Clint notices physically and behaviourally about the child at the start of the program, and what has improved or changed over the course of the term. Clint also includes suggestions and recommendations for future improvement and growth.
Payment Options:
Full payment of the remaining number of weeks in the term can be paid upfront via bank transfer, prior to first paid class (the paid classes begin one week after the free first class has been attended). E.g. if a child attends the third week in for free and wants to continue coming with 7 weeks remaining, the total cost for them is $140.
Or weekly Direct Debit is available (fees apply).
Minimum: 2 kids to be booked for each location, each class, for each term program.
Maximum: 10 kids per location per term. Your child won't get lost in the crowd!
What to Bring: Water bottle. Shoes are optional (there'll be time spent on the grass, dirt and sand). Towel and spare clothes if it's a rainy day.
Children are not encouraged to play in the water, the class is on the sand or grass only, so please keep an eye on your child if they run off towards a creek or the ocean.




Ruby(6) and Jacob (3) had a ball running, jumping and climbing. Clint had a great rapport with the kids and soon had even the shyest ones eagerly participating
Clint was great with the kids, both my boys eagerly participated whereas usually they are quiet shy and reserved

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The Coach:


Clint Bauer


Qualified + experienced Personal Trainer, MovNat Trainer, Blue Card holder, Nature Play QLD Provider and big kid!

Terms + Conditions 

The first class for each NEW child is $0, as a trial class to determine if a child enjoys it and would like to attend the remaining term classes. To continue attending the cost is $20 each child each week for the number of weeks remaining in the term. Payment can be made in full via bank transfer prior to the second week of each program, or via direct debit which is the preferred method (fees apply to the payer).


For 3 siblings the cost reduces to $16.60 per child per class (saving of $10 per class).


No refunds will be given for cancellation or missed classes. A child can attend a 'make-up' class during the term at the same or a different location.


Notice of non-attendance to any number of classes is required no less than 2-hours prior to class start time.


Parents and guardians are required to sign an online Training Disclaimer document on behalf of each child prior to the child or children commencing their first class.


Parents and guardians are required to complete the class tracking sheet each class and to inform Clint Bauer of any relevant health/fitness information relating to the child.


Primal Influence reserves the right to cancel classes due to bad weather or other relevant circumstances and will do so directly with parents/guardians at the earliest possible time, via text message, phone call or email.


Clint and Aimee are amazing at what they do. Not only are they genuine and lovely to talk to but the kids love them too. My sometimes socially anxious child felt instantly at ease and loved every minute of the primal kids class. Would highly recommend! Thank you!


We were fortunate enough to experience Clint's classes at our Forest School last term. He has a magic way with kids and even my extremely anxious-around-new-people 5-year-old found a new best buddy! I can't recommend him enough!


My kids love the classes! Clint is brilliant at keeping them engaged.

We're passionate about helping kids reach their full potential!


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