Biodynamic Egg Order Club

Members are the first to find out when we have local biodynamic pastured eggs available!
These eggs are both nutritious and delicious.
When Farmer Susan at Eumundi Egg and Feather has excess catering eggs (top quality) she offers them to us so we can invite our clients, friends and Tribe members to purchase  and enjoy them! Previously we were just advertising on Facebook but soon realised a few people were keen to find out as soon as eggs were available so we thought the easiest thing to do would be create a Club where those who are really keen are notified first and have the opportunity to get the eggs they love so much.
All the details: 
By joining you'll be emailed as soon as eggs are available. You'll need to email back to advise you want eggs, quantity and when you can collect. Then you'll need to pay via bank transfer that day.
We usually get 1 - 2 boxes, with each containing 5 trays of 30 800g eggs. Or cartons of 12 600g / 800g eggs.
Your price: $18.75 per tray / $6.50 per doz 600g / $7.50 per doz 800g (for 'seconds' quality), or 600g for $7.50 per doz (for A-grade quality)
Minimum order: 1 tray / 2 doz
The order update emails contain the info for what size and price eggs are available at the time.
Payment: we'll send you an invoice via Xero, please don't pay via bank transfer until you receive this then use the link in the email.
Collection: You must collect your eggs within 5 days of ordering, from 4/9 Norman Ave 'Kirabarti' Maroochydore (last townhouse on left of driveway). Let me know a day and time you're coming and if we're not home we leave them in the courtyard or at the front door, we can't always be home so it's easier that you come when you can and we leave them out for you.
We ask you take responsibility for sticking to the day/time you've given us to collect by adding a reminder to your calendar or somewhere you definitely won't forget. When people don't turn up and we've left the eggs outside for collection, or we're home with your eggs ready, it's really frustrating so we ask that you take appropriate measures to ensure you stick to the day/time chosen.
The eggs are often on cardboard trays and are wonky unless held underneath with two hands. We double-tray them for extra strength but care is still required.
Sometimes we'll ask in the order update emails for you to bring any clean spare trays / cartons with you for collection so we can re-use.
These eggs are certified biodynamic and from 100% pasture-raised hens. The yolks are incredibly bright orange, you'll think they've been injected with dye they look that vibrant! But they're completely natural and even exclude soy in the chicken's feed as soy isn't good for animals or humans to consume. Farmer Susan uses organic milk powder as the protein replacement to soy used by almost all egg producers.
The 'seconds' / 'caterers' eggs are not suitable for retail sale - they're for caterers and us. This means some may have thin shells and may break easier than store-bought eggs. Part of the reason they're at such a low price. Broken eggs cannot be replaced by us or the producer.
Click the image below to watch a video about Eumundi Egg and Feather / Onyx Park
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