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Why Breast is the Healthiest Cut of Chicken (+ recipe cooking demo!)

Chicken breast is lean therefore it's the healthiest cut of chicken. But don't I always preach animal fat is good for us?!

Yes, animal fat is good for us. Animal fat is essential for us, but if we eating animal fat from animals that were fed unhealthy ingredients, then we need to not be having the fatty cuts of those animals.

The reason being... chickens, especially, are fed crap!

They're fed soy and grains and all sorts of awful ingredients. Even organic; there still fed ingredients that we shouldn't be eating.

When an animal eats it It becomes really condensed in their fat and then they're fat is really high in Omega-6, which is not great.

While we do need Omega-6's in our diet, we need far more Omega-3's and when we consume too much Omega-6 fatty acids the balance is way off.

So, the key with those sorts of animals that are fed grains and other sorts of icky ingredients (chicken and pork are the main two) is to go the leanest cuts possible. And to cut the fat off the pieces you do use that are fatty, when possible.

This isn't to say you need to do that every day of the week. I have a whole roast chicken every week, I love the crispy skin. It's delicious! I'll never give that up but for the most part I consume the chicken breasts, sometimes chicken thighs, but I still cut a lot of the fat of because that's going to be healthy for me.

A really easy and simple way to use chicken breast is to cut it up into cubes, fry up on the pan with a little bit of ghee or really good at quality animal fat. Then you're getting the good Omega-3's from that animal fat and not missing out when you're having lean chicken cuts.

Here's a healthy recipe (video below) using chicken breast, easy to whip up for a main meal for yourself or to enjoy with others. It even suits having cold at work for lunch or later on for dinner when you've gotten home and just need a quick meal!



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