Meet the Faces Behind Primal Influence

So what's our story? Here it is!

G'day! I'm Clint, Health + Fitness Coach and co-owner of Primal Influence.


For most of my life I was obese and lacked motivation to exercise. Luckily, that all came to an end when I joined a workplace Biggest Loser-type competition. My starting weight was 113kg and when I won the competition I weighed 95kg.


This achievement started me on a journey to gaining better health and fitness, eventually lead me to evolving into a career as a Personal Trainer and also moving to Darwin to live. 


While living in Darwin I felt I was not evolving as a Personal Trainer and with my own fitness and needed a new challenge. This challenge was to participate in a full marathon! I started training for the Gold Coast 42.2km marathon in December and for any of 

 you who know Darwin you’d know that December is the worst time of year to do anything physical outdoors. It’s right in the middle of wet season! So if I wasn’t getting soaked by rain while training then I was soaking from the immense amount of sweat due the crazy humidity!


When July 4th rolled around I found myself at the starting line of my very first marathon. I completed the event in 4 hours 7 minutes and needless to say I was and still am very proud of my achievement. A couple of positive side-effects of training for this event were that I was also training my mind into self-belief and I lost more weight.

However, even though I was at my lightest weight and fitter than ever before I found I was lacking the energy and get-up-and-go I felt I was meant to have. This got me questioning my lifestyle choices. I started looking into why I felt the way I did. After a lot of research I discovered something called the Paleo diet. This was a revelation for me as it went against pretty much everything I’d learnt and believed as a trainer. I mean, really, I can’t actually have bacon and eggs every day for breakfast, consume a high-fat diet, exercise less and still lose weight and be healthier than ever before?! Surely not! But, I can promise you the answer is YES because it really has worked for me!


These days I find I’m identifying myself as a Health and Fitness Coach

as opposed to a typical Personal Trainer, for the simple fact that I believe

that there is no one perfect diet or exercise plan for every single person;

each client is at a totally unique place with their health and fitness and

I feel it's my role to help guide and coach them to find what works for

them, with both nutrition and exercise.

The fitness side of my training has evolved from what I originally did

with my clients; I no longer believe in making people run countless 

kilometers, performing countless push-ups and countless crunches. 

Instead, my focus has become more about natural movement. 

By focusing on simple yet effective movements we can increase

our strength capacity, flexibility and even cardiovascular ability while 

preventing injuries, inflammation and pain. 


I also enjoy incorporating mindset techniques within sessions and our various programs. Good health doesn't just come with exercise and eating well. I believe how we think also plays a huge role in how we feel. I often take my clients through short

meditation and mindfulness exercises, I teach them how to be grateful and I use other techniques as well.


I created Primal Influence with the intention of helping people achieve great, long-term success with their health and wellness using the methods I've mentioned and moving away from the methods most Personal Trainers use. This is how I live my own life and I'm incredibly passionate about sharing it with others!

The future for Primal Influence is looking very bright! Our current goal is to assist 1000 people in achieving their optimal health and fitness.  We plan to do this through education via the Facebook page, training and educating clients during health and fitness sessions, hosting seminars, workshops and retreats and offering general help and information wherever we can. I plan to become a qualified MovNat instructor and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner which I'm really excited about!

If I can help YOU with your own health and fitness goals please don't hesitate to let me know!


Thanks for reading my story :) 



Hi I'm Aimee! I'm Clint's partner (and better half!), co-owner of Primal Influence and a Food + Cooking Coach.


My background is in Personal Training, Boxing, and admin within Allied Health. I was a Personal Trainer for 6 years and in recent years have been working as Receptionist and Admin Assistant for various Allied Health and Wellness businesses on the Sunshine Coast. I'm currently studying my third diploma online and offering paleo-based Food + Cooking services.


My interests include camping, fishing, foraging, bushwalking, natural fitness, bushcraft, country music, op shop shopping, movies and culture.


I am currently on a long road to achieving good health and wellness, as I have a history of deep health problems. Since adopting a more Paleo/Primal lifestyle I'm feeling the best I've felt in a very long time so I'm passionate about helping others achieve good health through this way of life. I believe I deserve to feel great and that I will, and I believe everyone deserves the same!


I used to exercise hard. I did boxing, kickboxing, running and heavy weights sessions every week. I now know the intensity of that training negatively affected my body in many ways. Now that I better understand how exercise really affects us I'm a big fan of primal and natural movement. It's working for me by strengthening my core and body safely without causing inflammation and associated health problems. I want more people to experience this way of training because besides being healthier, it's a heck of a lot of fun!


I've enjoyed working with Clint to build this business and the programs we offer. I'm really proud of what we've created. It's resulted from both of our experiences working within the Health and Fitness industry and from our own health journies that we've discovered the method to achieving vibrant health and wellbeing. We believe it's a combination of good nutrition, having a healthy mindset and natural movement. When an individual finds the right balance of those aspects for themselves and their unique situation they achieve wonderful health. And who doesn't want that?!


As I continue my journey to achieving good health, I will put my experience to good use by incorporating the knowledge gained back into the programs we offer in order to benefit clients even more.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit better!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to share your own journey. I'd be happy to hear from you!