Natural Soap Making with Aimee

Using simple + natural ingredients to make beautiful healthy soap safe for you, your family + the environment

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For adults and teens who are looking for a healthy, safe and affordable alternative to the toxic soaps on the market, these natural soap making events include a comprehensive step-by-step demonstration for making nourishing coconut oil soap and unlike many other natural health events these include a healthy morning/afternoon tea, time to chat and relax!

By the end of the event, you'll leave feeling confident in making your very own soap at home.



Date: TBA

Location: TBA

Time: TBA

Included: Coconut oil soap making demonstration, a bar of soap to take home. We'll even discuss natural colour + scent options!

Enjoy healthy nibbles, and filtered water provided while you sit back, relax, watch and learn.


Bring your mum, daughter, niece, aunty, or bestie and have a great day out together!

SPECIAL BONUS: Clients receive a discount on the Regular price!*


Pricing: TBA


What guests receive:

- Comprehensive soap making demonstration of the simple method Aimee's been using for a couple of years now to make coconut oil soap at home including how to make it economical and minimal

- Information about the other types of natural soap Aimee likes to make and use

- A bar of soap to take home

- Information on where to source all ingredients and equipment

- Paleo-friendly mini muffins

- Filtered water and cups

Why are these not hands-on classes?

- We specialize in providing comprehensive demonstrations and are not equipped to offer hands-on experiences in group situations. We would need regular access to a large facility that caters to what this type of event would require which is just not possible for us

- The cost of setting up an entire kit for individual participants would exceed the cost of what guests pay to attend demonstrations (e.g. a hands-on soap-making class typically costs $150+ per person). We offer demonstrations with clear instructions given verbally and written, plenty of Q+A time, and find this is a great way for people to learn how the process to be able to attempt it easily at home.


Maria - attendee who now enjoys making beautiful natural soap with rose petals!

"I loved the workshop and can't wait to do more. Thanks for being so approachable and available for questions. So glad I finally got to meet you and attend one of your workshops."

Tara - workshop guest who brought her daughter

"We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Aimee. I am so inspired by her knowledge and her loaf was absolutely delicious. Thanks 🙏


Mardi - attendee and expert sourdough workshop host

"I highly recommend this workshop! So much fun and very informative!" 

Sonja - previously attempted soap making with no success

"Just wanted to thank you for yesterday, I really enjoyed the class and did take some valuable information home with me"