Struggling to find motivation?

Our unique approach to health and fitness removes the daily chore of exercising and transforms the fitness grind into a fun and enjoyable experience leaving you wanting more!

What are just some of the benefits of training with Primal Influence?


  • We come to you

  • We use a variety of techniques to help you keep your motivation high

    • Weekly challenges and goal setting

    • Planned and personalised workout schedules (created together)

    • Check-ins as often as you need

    • Recipes and healthy eating support

  • We offer flexible hours and training options

  • We tailor each session to your level and work according to how you feel at that particular time

  • We understand some of the struggles and issues surrounding lack of motivation and can help you through that period

  • We don’t make you perform crunches or burpies…. EVER!

  • Our training will teach you real-world fitness; improving confidence and allowing your body to handle any situation

  • We encourage fun, enjoyment and laughter throughout every session

Our clients have happily provided feedback on their own experiences training with us...

"Clint and Aimee are both great people, but my primary experience is with Clint and his help exposing me to natural/functional movement training/coaching!
Really, really incredible. He's laid back, relaxed, a wealth of knowledge, able to really judge where you're at and either dial it up or dial it back. He really focuses on changing things up, supporting you where you're at and introducing FUN into movement. I feel I've found guidance for the first time in my life with a way to move my body that is actually right for me and will be lifelong... 

Highly recommended."

"Love these guys! Their philosophy on health and play is fun and open to all. I don't remember the last time I smiled so much during a training session"



"Awesome way to workout, haven't enjoyed training that much since I was 12!!!!! Thanks a lot Clint, I will definitely be making it a regular thing!"



"Toughest and most enjoyable workout ever!! Love the alternative to the gym"

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