MindBodyReboot - online health + lifestyle program

Regain your health with support and guidance!

Specifically designed by local health and wellness experts to help you overcome the obstacles that may be currently holding you back from achieving good health and well-being. By not only helping you to overcome your negative eating habits, but also by helping you tap into your inner child again, you’ll have the ability to put your body and your mind in a happy place!



Included are tools to help you learn to eat right for your body, move more functionally and effectively, to create a happier mindset and to ultimately enjoy how you eat, move and feel! This will move you closer to becoming the best version of you!

You'll also receive exclusive access to the MindBodyReboot Login section on the website where you can find all the tools in one place, as well as videos, audios and bonus resources!   




Food List – a comprehensive list of what foods you can consume, and what foods are best to avoid


Food & Health Diary - a specially designed diary to track nutrition and health


Primal Play - weekly movement programs designed to teach you how to start moving freely again, from the very beginning (with pictures)


Shopping List - a comprehensive shopping list to take to the shops, as well as handy information on how to     choose the cleanest products to assist with the detox aspect


Mindset Tools - lots of techniques and meditation tasks aimed to promote a healthy mindset 


What We Eat - We're often asked "What do you eat every day?" so we've included an example of what we generally eat to give you an idea of how easy it is to eat clean every day


Videos & Audio - the weekly videos summarise the week ahead, while the audio files provide information and motivation to help you throughout the program


Facebook Group Access – exclusive access to the MindBodyReboot Facebook Group


Recipe Book - a bonus e-book containing a variety of healthy 'real food' recipes you can make at home and to give you ideas on how to be creative in the kitchen - NEW: stacks more recipes included for 2017!


Digestion Test & Poo Chart - often a taboo subject but taking notice of how our poo looks and when it moves is important for understanding our digestion and therefor our health. The poo chart will help you better understand your digestion and how to improve it. Don't worry it's easy and not at all gross! 


+ lots more!

MindBodyReboot explained:

- Part 1 is a chance to give your body a break from common inflammatory foods and movement and start to heal. 

- there are plenty of tools to teach goal settings for the short-term and long-term for every aspect of your life (work, health, family)

- it's an assistant with weight loss

- there are tools to help you learn to listen to what your body is trying to tell you and therefore giving it what it needs to be healthy and happy

- it's a gentle introduction to 'real food' and paleo nutrition and functional and natural movements that promote a foundation to good health and fitness

- and it's not hard work! This program can fit into your busy schedule but can also help you find time for the essentials.. such as looking after yourself and your family!

Nutrition Endorsement

"As a Naturopath and Nutritionist I strongly endorse the content and advice included in the MindBodyReboot Program if you are looking to improve health and wellbeing." 

- Suzi Le Fanue BSc (BMed) ND, owner Integrated Wellness Clinic, Sunshine Coast

Registration process:

* Each program begins on Mondays and each runs for 30 days


* Registration is to be completed via the PayPal button below after reading Terms & Conditions


* If payment is received on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday the program will NOT start the very next Monday, but instead will start the following Monday. This is to give you plenty of time to prepare for the program


* Preparation documents are emailed once payment has been received


* From the Monday your program begins and for the next 30 days onwards you'll receive 2x weekly emails with all the information you need to  successfully complete the program

The Merrymaker Sisters

recipes included!

$80 per household

T&C: Clint Bauer is a registered qualified Personal Trainer and not a Dietician or Nutritionist. Clint Bauer cannot provide specific nutrition advice for individuals. This program has been designed as a general detox, not to address specific medical conditions or health concerns. It is recommended to seek advice from a doctor or qualified health care professional before beginning any exercise program. If at any time during this program you notice any unusual symptoms or have any health concerns, please seek assistance from a doctor or qualified health care professional.  Primal Influence is not responsible for any injuries or illness that occurs during the course of the program. It is the responsibility of the individual taking part in the program to monitor and take appropriate action relating to their health. No refunds will be given and the fee cannot be redeemed for cash or used with any other program or offer. The full fee must be paid prior to beginning the program and must be paid by 6pm AEST on Thursday nights in order to begin the program the following Monday.

"I was lucky enough to be one of the first to experience the MindBodyReboot program. I witnessed Clint and Aimee go from merely a concept to growing this thing into the quality program it is today. What can I say, it is simply awesome. Whether you're somebody looking to give your health and lifestyle a complete re-birth, or want to implement some small changes over time, this program won't let you down. The amount of work Clint and Aimee have put into the program really shows in the attention to detail. It is so simple to follow and PACKED full of great content. It's what one would expect from a program that usually runs at two or even three times the price. What's more important than all this is that they are just lovely and kind people. Trust is paramount when it comes to accepting advice and recommendations relating to health - and I just trust these guys."


- Charby Ibrahim The Ancestral Body

Professional Endorsement