Congratulations for signing up to this special 4-week program that provides tools you can use well after the month is finished as it's designed to help you for the long-term, yay!
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You’re about to embark on this adventure, so here are a few steps you can take to be well prepared to begin...

1.    Remove all temptation from around the house
You may be thinking that you’ll be able to handle the 30 days without any problems, but speaking from experience it is a wise idea to go through your fridge, pantry and freezer and purge them of all the items you're going without for the month.  You can toss them in the bin, give them to someone else, freeze  or put them in boxes until after the program is completed. You might think this sounds a bit extreme but if those cravings kick-in, you’ll thank us!

2.    Go food shopping
For some people, cleaning out all the “junk” food will leave the cupboards and fridge bare.  That’s OK because this is a chance for a fresh start! It’s a good idea to go food shopping before Monday so your kitchen is well stocked with healthy clean foods.  You’ll notice a Shopping List has been included and we suggest you take it along to the shops or markets.  Choosing the right foods really is quite simple: real, wholesome, healing foods.


This program will include recipes and food tips to help you as you go!

Tip: Consume more good quality salt! Add it to your meals and even make Sole using pink Himalayan salt to give your body body an important boost of essential sodium and minerals. Natural and native salt, not table or iodised products.

download the FOOD + SHOPPING LISTS here


3.    Take a before photo and body measurements
It’s always a good idea to take a before photo and record basic measurements before beginning this journey.  Four weeks is not a long time but if you don’t have a baseline to start from you won’t know how well you’ve done. See the Starting Point section below.  Once you’ve recorded your measurements and goals keep them in a safe place. They won’t be looked at again until the end.

download STARTING POINT here

4.    Hide your bathroom scales
Scales can lie.  Remember… muscle weighs more than fat so looking at a number on the scales won’t achieve much. Weight is just a number and one you don’t need to pay close attention to, however we have added a space in the Starting Point section to record starting and finishing weight because over the period of 4 weeks you may see some actual weight loss, especially if you’re not doing a lot of strength training. You may or may not wish to use this section, it’s up to you, but keep in mind the best method to measure fat loss is by noticing how your clothes fit.

5.    Give yourself permission to succeed and enjoy the journey
Intend to enjoy the journey, yes it may be hard at times, but imagine how proud and healthy you will feel when you achieve it. Give yourself permission to succeed. Remember that you only get out what you put in!

read What You Can Expect here

view the Frequently Asked Questions here

download + fill in GOALS + RESULTS here

(use the Fill & Sign option to type onto the lines, or print and hand write your answers)

Now you've read through the prep steps, pick a date to start the 30 days, make it official and mark it on every calendar and diary you use, be ready to start and click the link below to get started!