F.U.N. Fitness Classes for Women

Functional.    Unique.    Natural.

Had I known back then what I know now,

my journey of health and fitness would have been a lot more enjoyable

Hi! I'm Clint and that's me.


I'm co-owner and Personal Trainer of Primal Influence.


To be honest with you, I was unsure about sharing my before and after photos, especially on a page about women's fitness, but decided to anyway. Not to brag at all, but simply because I think it’s important.   


The reason is I want you to see how I was at my worst.  I want you to see the start of my journey.  I want you to know I faced struggles with food and lack of motivation. Even during my journey of personal transformation, I had ups and downs.   I now know that’s ok. I also worked out that traditional exercise isn’t for me.   


And while you and I are two very different people, I want to let you know I can empathise with you on some level and that I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals as I have my own. 


The funny thing is, at the start of my personal training career 10 years ago, I never thought my greatest success would be working with women. Young, middle-aged or elderly it didn’t matter, it hard to explain but the connection I make with women is real and seeing the proudness in their eyes when they achieve what they thought was impossible will stay with me forever.



I'm inviting you to come along to one of my classes.  Not for me, but for you.  Come along so you can see what I do differently, to feel the joy of laughter and fun, the joy of moving better and being pain-free, the joy of knowing you are doing something good for yourself.

Why? Because you can achieve the results you dream of.


Here's what a couple of my happy clients are saying:


"Clint has made me feel very comfortable and confident in getting into training; trying new things and making me push my boundaries has made a big difference to my strength and fitness and done heaps for my confidence. He makes it a lot of fun to go along each time and is always full of fun and cheek which is just what I need. And the kilos are going at the same time. Sure couldn't do it without him, great Personal Trainer."
"I love these guys! Their philosophy on health and play is fun and open to all. I don't remember the last time I smiled so much during a training session"

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