Primal Health Coaching for Mums

Feel healthier, have more energy, clear the brain fog + move with ease... it's possible + lasting!


If you're wanting to feel energetic, healthy and confident so you can be the best mum you can be, then...

This might be just what you need!

Aimee is here for you and keen to talk to you about what your your lifestyle habits are around family and other commitments, figure out what do-able changes can be made and guide you to become confident and comfortable with those new healthy habits.


She understands there is a great deal of stress and difficulty in looking after your own physical and emotional health while managing a family and being a Super Mum every day of the week.


When your health is good and your energy is up you'll be able to support and do more for your family.

By slowly learning about + implementing healthy lifestyle habits you can achieve a great level of health + happiness. Through movement, nutrition, sleep + more.


Help for you is here!

What other clients are saying...

Tracey, mum of 2 young boys:

"Meal prep on weekends definitely helps with lunches and breakfasts as it's all very quick and easy and I don't have to think about preparing anything for a few days. I feel pretty good. I actually I feel I have more energy already and have had more restful sleeps. My kids are eating better because I am!"

(Tracey was struggling to eat well for herself and the boys, was hungry all through the day and tired all the time)

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Meet your Primal Health Coach:


Aimee Clark

Experienced Paleo cooking coach, consultant and recipe creator, for demonstration events, food festivals, agricultural shows, and privately for clients.

She was a Personal Trainer for 6 years, working predominantly with women 1:1 and in groups. She's now a certified Primal Health Coach.

Passionate about helping educate and inspire people to create healthier meals for the whole family that are simple, affordable and sustainable and creating long-lasting healthy habits.

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