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Online Health Coaching for Women

Feel healthier, have more energy, reduce pain and inflammation,

clear the brain-fog, be more productive in your day and move with ease...

it's absolutely possible and can be lasting! Even if your life is super busy!

Primal Health Coaching for women over 45

If you're pretty darn busy and you're wanting to give your best to your work, your family and your friends then...


This might just be what you need!​

Aimee is here for you and keen to talk to you about what your lifestyle habits are, figure out what do-able changes can be made and guide you to become confident and comfortable with those new healthy habits.


She understands how challenging it is to be a busy business owner (she runs two!) or manager and trying to fit in all the elements needed for feeling healthy and energetic everyday.

Aimee knows how important it is to keep energy levels up, manage aches and pains, be productive and function at a high level and is excited to share her tools and guidance with you so you can function at your very best.

With her extensive personal experience with overcoming and managing many health problems (hormone imbalances, poor gut health, chronic pain, depression and lethargy) along with her qualifications and skills she's equipped to work with you to overcome your own challenges to get far more out of life! 

Book an obligation-free 30 min phone chat with Aimee so you can discuss your individual goals and needs, and how our services and programs may be able to help.

Robyn C.
(age 66, Office Manager & Assistant to the Executive Director)

Primal Health Coaching has given me the tools and motivation to get my health goals back on track.  The support has been exactly what I needed.  I've been eating better, moving more, getting outside more and taking other steps to improve my health.  I have lost some weight which was one of my goals.

I haven't eaten any treats since I started and I've been sleeping longer most nights. I've lost 5kgs, I feel better in my clothes, I'm wearing clothes I haven't fit into for a couple of years, and I have more energy.

 I recommend Primal Health Coaching to anyone who needs assistance with their health goals.

Tracey M.
(age 45, mum of two young & energetic boys, works part-time)

A great way to get on track with your overall wellbeing - it's not just about eating healthy,  but it's about LIVING a healthy lifestyle.  Aimee provides excellent information and great suggestions with positive support for your journey.  I'm a mum of two boys and need all the energy I can get!  This is one of the main changes I have noticed when following the primal way, I have more energy!  I'm eating better and my kids are seeing this also... as a consequence they are also eating better!  Less 'empty' snacking and more nutritious food.  It's exciting to learn different ways our lifestyle and health can be enhanced by a few small changes and I'm so grateful I can do this for my family.

Andrea M.
(age 62, small business owner)

I know that it is working it's magic on me and will be beneficial in the long term. I'm moving better, sleeping better and feeling better overall.

I need accountability to make sure that I stick to a goal. This program has done that for me and I will continue with it even when it is finished.

Recommended by Other Women

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