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Sticky Ginger 'Soy' Wings

All the flavour but none of the nasties with a great soy-free soy sauce alternative.


6 organic chicken wings or 4 boomerangs 

1 tbsp healthy fat (grass-fed ghee and organic olive oil work well)

1 tbsp organic ginger powder

1 tbsp coconut amino 

1 tbsp raw honey

Mineral salt + black pepper to taste

Optional: swap coconut amino for Tamari if you can't source it and you

can have traditionally fermented soy products.

Handy items to have

  • Large saucepan with lid

  • Tongs

  • Whisk


1. Place oil, coconut amino, honey and ginger into the saucepan and whisk to combine thoroughly

2. Add the wings and ensure they're coated in the liquid

3. Place the lid on and bring to a moderate temp so the liquid bubbles inside. By leaving the lid on it'll ensure the liquid doesn't cook down and burn the base of the saucepan, the flavour will absorb into the chicken even though it's going to be quick to cook, and will make the wings nice and moist, not dry at all

4. Turn the wings over let those that were on top be touching the bottom so they get a bit of colour from the base of the saucepan

5. It'll only take a few minutes to cook the wings, so once they're done remove them and place in a bowl or on a plate then grab your whisk to stir the liquid and let it thicken up

6. Keep the lid off, keep stirring the liquid so it doesn't stick to the bottom and when it's thick enough remove it from the heat

7. Top some cauliflower rice with the wings, or just place them in a bowl by themselves, then drizzle the liquid over them

Dig in and enjoy!

Tip: Have some serviettes or paper towel ready because these wings are best eaten with fingers!

Note: The quantities of the ingredients don't need to be exact, you can add more or less of pretty much all of them to cater to your personal taste preferences

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