Gelatin for Health Workshop

Using pure gelatin + collagen powders + other healthy ingredients to create nourishing food + drinks for the whole family


Saturday 27 April 


9am - 12pm





Join Aimee to learn how to use quality grass-fed beef gelatin and collagen powders and other healthy ingredients to help improve you and your family's health.


You can use gelatin to create a huge variety of sweet dishes, use in savoury food applications, and you'd never know these delicious foods contain such healing properties!


From naturally detoxing the body to improving joint strength... you'll be amazed at how many benefits this simple wholefood has.


Healthy marshmallows for example, would you ever assume such a thing existed?! Well, it does and you'll find out just how to make them + lots more!


Information on what gelatin is, where it comes from and what makes it such an amazing 'superfood' will be included so you feel completely confident sourcing and consuming it.


This event is in two parts... a demonstration / Q+A then time to eat, drink, chat, relax + have fun!


You'll enjoy trying the dishes demo'd right in front of you, along with some other healthy goodies for morning/afternoon tea, organic coffee, and beautiful native herbal tea.



Workshops are not suitable for young children, but older kids who will enjoy sitting, watching, learning and eating are welcome to attend.


Single Booking: $55 each

Twin Booking: $50 each*


Bring a friend and save!


*Must be a booking and payment of two people together, for $100.

Workshop Includes:

- Comprehensive gelatin powder cooking demonstration

- Tasting the dishes made in front of you

- Information about gelatin including what it is, how it's made, how to source it etc

- Paleo-based nibbles, filtered water, organic coffee + native herbal tea


Limited to 10 spots each workshop. Bookings essential.



Maria - Natural Soap Making Workshop attendee

"I loved the workshop and can't wait to do more. Thanks for being so approachable and available for questions. So glad I finally got to meet you and attend one of your workshops."



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