Gelatin + Collagen Powders

To help improve gut health, boost immunity, reduce body fat, increase energy, balance hormones + more!
Available for event + workshop guests.
Gelatin is full of pure, easily-digestible protein, amino acids, collagen + other essential nutrients for the whole family.
These products are available to order at the time of registering to attend our workshops + events - a minimum of 4 days prior so they're available to collect at the events.

Gelling Gelatin

Food-grade, gelling

- Gels to make jelly, lollies, panna cotta etc
- Made from Australian beef cattle
- Great source of dietary collagen

- Gels once heated, dissolved and refrigerated
- Assist the lining of your stomach and digestive tract to repair
- Can assist with reducing food sensitivities
- Naturally binds to water, helping food move through the digestive tract more easily
- Aids digestion by soothing the gastrointestinal tract


​1kg $35 (RRP $40.00 - you save $5) 


Collagen for Joints

Muscle + Joint Fortification

- Stimulating joint cartilage cell growth
- Increasing mobility range of movement
- Reducing inflammation joint pain
- Maintaining joint integrity
- Supporting general health & well being

- Hydrolyzed and doesn't gel

- Higher concentration of collagen

- Dissolves easily into cold or hot liquids


1kg $69 (RRP $74 - you save $!5)


Collagen for Muscles

Muscle Growth + Repair 

- Wound healing
- Repairing damaged muscles

- Reduces muscle tension
- Building and increasing muscle mass

- Hydrolyzed and doesn't gel

- Dissolves easily into cold or hot liquid


500g $33 (RRP $38 - you save $5!) 


Collagen for Bone

Bone Strength + Density

- Increasing bone density and tissue
- Improves bone stability and flexibility
- Reducing degenerative effects
- Stimulating cell growth for bone strength, and osteoblast production for bone growth
- Hydrolyzed and doesn't gel and made from the actual bones, not hides

- Dissolves easily into cold or hot liquid


450g $41 (RRP $46 - you save $5!)

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