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Whole Fruit Jelly

Jelly but not as you know it! Combining gut-healing gelatin with whole fruits to make a fluffy and delicious dish with amazing texture!




3 large organic apples (any variety)

1 cup organic blueberries

4 tbsp pure grass-fed beef gelatin powder (buy here)

5 tbsp spring/filtered water

Optional: raw honey or pure Grade B maple to sweeten, organic cinnamon powder, nutmeg etc

You can use almost any fruit except for pineapple and kiwi as they won't gel due to the acid levels. Banana and cinnamon or banana and blueberry are two I make often. The general rule for quantity is 4 cups of liquid/fruit (ish) to 4 tbsp gelatin and 4-5 tbsp water to bloom the gelatin in.

Yes the translucenwater gelatin will set on the bottom but 99% of the jelly is the textured fruit so it's not a big deal!

Handy items to have

  • Good blender or food processor

  • Medium saucepan

  • Silicon spatula

  • Whisk

  • Containers/bowls to set and store in (with lids ideally)


1. Roughly chop the apple into small pieces (peel the skin off if you after a less-textured jelly, otherwise keep it on and benefit from the added fibre)

2. Place apple in the blender jug along with blueberries (or whatever fruit you're using and spices etc)

3. Pour water into the saucepan then gently sprinkle the gelatin powder evenly across the surface of the water. It will spread out easily but if doing this for the first time, go slow. Do this without the stove heat on yet.

4. The gelatin will only take a few seconds to soften. Turn the heat up slowly, starting with a moderate temp, whisking to stir through well then bringing to a gentle simmer to ensure all gelatin granules dissolve

5. Pout gelatin water into the blender jug then blitz on high speed until the apple has blended and it looks similar to an apple 'smoothie'

6. Pour the mixture into separate serving dishes, or one large one to scoop out from later, then place in the fridge for a few hours to set


Once set remove from the fridge and enjoy!

Watch the YouTube video demo

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