Easy Peasy Paleo Pasta

Ingredients (serves 2):


250g grass-fed beef or lamb mince

1/2 bottle Macro organic passata (Woolies)

1/4 cup Leggo's organic tomato paste (add more for a richer and thicker sauce)

Mineral salt to season

1 pkt konjac pasta/noodles (I use Slendier brand 'fettucini')



- Stir in grass-fed beef collagen powder for an extra nutrient-boost

- 1 tbsp coconut amino

- 1 tbsp Mingle seasoning of choice (I usually use the 'all purpose')

- Organic dried or fresh herbs or choice

- Grated cheese on top (I use Spanish sheep cheese or sheep fetta)



Kitchen Gadgets:


Medium saucepan

Large spoon




1. Brown the mince in the pot, breaking it up with a large spoon as it cooks

2. Add the remaining ingredients, apart from the noodles and cheese, stir well and warm through

3. Open the packet of konjac noodles and remove the liquid. Either warm up the noodles under the tap in hot water in a sieve or simply place at room temp into serving bowls

4. Spoon the sauce over the noodles in the bowl, top with cheese of choice (optional) and serve




Free from: gluten / grains / dairy / nuts / egg / seeds / refined sugar / legumes



Apart from the fermented coconut sugar in the coconut amino this recipe is sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free, legume/soy-free, dairy-free (if not using cow milk cheese) yet super quick and easy to make! No cooking of pasta, and just a few ingredients needed to make the sauce.


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