Primal Kids Classes + Primal Play for Kids Workshops

Natural Movement

These classes include a range of essential natural human movements such as jumping, crawling, wrestling, lifting and carrying items, balancing, running, throwing catching and more!


Games + Play

These movements are incorporated into games and activities to promote joy and laughter while the kids improve general movement skills.

The Big Picture

These classes help the kids spend less time using electronics, and more time moving and playing as kids should.  They're encouraged to participate in every activity, but not forced to.  There's basic guidance and a few rules but it's generally a type of structured / unstructured play.  All ages, levels and abilities are suitable because there is always plenty each kid can do and be good at.


The Many Benefits

Overall physical skill improvement; complementing other sports and activities 

-Confidence boosting and overcoming shyness

-Understanding their own physical strength and power and adjusting to suit others size/ability

-Improvement of fundamental sensory capacity such as balance, hand/eye co-ordination, spatial awareness, agility etc.

-laughter and joy

-promoting teamwork

-improvement of listening and problem-solving skills