Private Cooking Coaching

Become confident creating healthy meals with customized fun cooking coaching classes!
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Hi! I'm Aimee and I'm here to help you become confident creating nourishing meals for you and your family with hands-on experience and giving you practical, personalised tools and advice! 


Do you...


- Dislike cooking?

- Feel stuck for healthy meal + snack ideas?

- Get bored making the same old dishes?


If you want...


- To enjoy cooking

- More healthy ingredient and meal ideas on hand

- To make nutritious meals that are still tasty + simple


Then I can help!


Cooking Coaching Options:


Come along for a completely private and personalised cooking workshop and get totally hands-on learning how to make easy, healthy and yummy dishes!


The menu is created based on your health needs, what you want to learn to cook and your likes/dislikes. Whether it be mum's and daughters, girlfriends, or colleagues getting together to cook, group gatherings are always a lot of fun!


Recipes are paleo-based and exclude gluten, grains, cow's milk, refined sugar, legumes.


Duration: Classes run for 2-hours


Cost: one person $180  /  two people $110 each  /  three people $80 each  /  four people $60 each


Includes: 3-4 recipes, hands-on experience for every guest, an apron to wear, and of course, eating all the amazing creations!





All Cooking Coaching clients now receive a special $5 discount to attend any Cooking Demo + Tasting events!

- Receive discounts to products used in our cooking sessions so you can easily make healthy dishes at home + save money!



Location: Maroochydore 


Availability: Tuesday - Saturday. 9am start - 3pm finish. By appointment.

Recipe Ideas:



Here are some suggestions you can choose from, or be more general such as "more chicken dinner ideas, slow cooker recipes," etc



- Instant Porridge or Baked Cereal

- Meat Muffins

- Brekkie Jelly

- Crepes

- Pancakes

- Waffles

- Fluffy Bread / Toast (nut-free)


Lunch / Dinner:

Chicken Enchiladas

- Chicken Curry (mild flavour, great for kids)

- Pizza Base or Ham/Pineapple/Cheese Topped Pizza

- Lamb Lemon Thyme Patties

- Spaghetti Bolognese

- Chicken Satay

- Herb Crusted Pork Fillets

- Native Dukkah Crusted Kangaroo

- Kangaroo Savoury Mince (surprisingly delicious!)

- Chicken Noodle Soup

- Beef Live + Mince Fry-up

- Mexican Pulled Beef

- Soft Taco Shells (great for the pulled beef, or paleo hot dogs)

- Sticky Chicken Wings

- Nachos

- Orange + Ginger Chicken

- Shepard's Pie (no-bake!)

- Golden Chicken Nuggets

- Quick + Easy Salmon or Tuna Patties


Sauces / Sides:

- Sweet Chilli Sauce

- BBQ Sauce

- Tomato Sauce

- Mayonnaise

- Creamy Lemon/Lime Mayonnaise

- Cauliflower Rice / Veggie Rice

- Rosemary or Plain Seed Crackers

- Roast Pumpkin, Carrot + Cumin Mash

- Golden Sweet Potato + Rosemary Mash


Sweets / Kid-friendly Snacks:

- Fudgy Choc Brownies

- Lemon + Honey Loaf

- Chocolate Pudding

- Jelly Cups (with just healthy juice, or textured with fruit. Let me know what fruit flavours your family likes)

- Panna Cotta (choc, strawberries + cream, creamy lemon, jaffa)

- Mousse (no avocado, but actual bubbly, healthy mousse!)

- Mini Carrot Cake Muffins

- Moist Banana Bread

- Chocolate Mud Cake

- Fruit Gummies (juice, fruit for texture, or creamy)

- Marshmallows (white, pink or green)

- Apricot Cashew Bites

- Creamy or Fruity Ice Blocks

- Coconut Macaroons

- Apple + Cinnamon Chips


Thank you to Aimee for an amazing food and cooking coaching session! Aimee has a wealth of knowledge and a true understanding of food and how it works to support us:
I thoroughly recommend Aimee's cooking workshops! She has the natural ability to impart knowledge in a very engaging and fun way. I always love her workshops!