Privacy, Complaints, Codes of Practice etc

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Complaints Process:

​We value your feedback and are committed to resolving your issues in a fair, timely and efficient manner. If you believe we have made a breach of any of the above guidelines/codes, the QLD Consumer Law guidelines, or our own contracts, terms and conditions etc please provide a detailed complaint via the button below...

Data Handling

We use a variety of ways to acquire, use and store data (including personal and health information) and aim to provide transparency for our customers and clients. 



- Google Apps (Forms, Docs, Sheets, Gmail etc)

- Xero

- Square

- PayPal

- Event registration websites (Trybooking etc)

- Office applications (Word, Excel etc)

All data is password protected on devices or digitally and all Primal Influence team members are contracted to abide by our privacy and data storage policies as well as to follow official legal guidelines and regulations.

Primal Influence automatically subscribes the email address of all enquiries, class and event attendees to the Primal E-News "Main List" email list on MailChimp solely for the purpose of sending natural health, fitness and lifestyle-related information. Recipients may unsubscribe at any time.