Praise from Happy Clients + Positive Feedback

Donna Richards

1-on-1 Health + Fitness Coaching and MindBodyReboot program


"The 1-on-1 sessions I had with Clint were definitely the toughest and most enjoyable workouts I've ever had!! I love the alternate to the gym and had so much fun every session. Clint helped me achieve my weight loss goals and I highly recommend him and his style of training!"

Donna before and after - what a transformation!

Belinda West

1-on-1 Health + Fitness Coaching


"I had never had a personal trainer, much less a male personal trainer until I met Clint Bauer.  My younger sister had met him at the gym one day and was amazed at how unlike the other PTs he was.  She convinced me to give him a chance, so I booked my very first training session with Clint.  Clint is a real person and he brings to his clients his honest understanding of their situation and feelings.  He is only too happy to share his own experiences with his clients and really connects with them on a very personal level. 


A weight loss journey is rarely easy, but having a trainer who genuinely cares about you as a person and making sure you get the results you want is the first hurdle.  Someone who has been where you are now – well it makes it that much easier to trust in them, that they really can help.  Being overweight and unhappy with your body makes it so easy to give in and make excuses because you are embarrassed and unhappy – I was the Queen of booking and cancelling training appointments!  I never felt awkward or embarrassed about myself when I was training with Clint.  He gives the right combination of fun and pain – pushing you to outside your personal limits, while making you feel like you can achieve.  And when he tells you “Great Workout” you can see he is being genuine – you know you worked hard, and you can’t wait to do it again. 


Thanks Clint – you really are the best trainer in the world!!"

Glenis Cattley

1-on-1 Health + Fitness Coaching


"Clint has made me feel very comfortable and confident in getting into training; trying new things and making me push my boundaries has made a big difference to my strength and fitness and done heaps for my confidence. He makes it a lot of fun to go along each time and is always full of fun and cheek which is just what I need. And the kilos are going at the same time. Sure couldn't do it without him, great Personal Trainer."

Kerry Davis 

1-on-1 Health + Fitness Coaching


"Clint's a really great trainer. He really helped me to lose many kilos and get much fitter and healthier."

Ross McNiel

1-on-1 Health + Fitness Coaching and Primal Play Classes


"Clint is one of a kind - his methods are amazing and he is a great motivator. With his help I have lost over 25 kgs and changed my life for the better. The single best thing I have ever done in my life. "

A great 'before and after' pic of Ross. He lost 25kgs in just over 6 months!

Jonathan Cowen

Primal Group Training


"Awesome way to workout, I haven't enjoyed training that much since I was 12!!!!! Thanks a lot Clint, I will definitely be making that a regular thing!"

Jersey Hall

Follower on social media + hosted Primal Play classes in Bundaberg


"I love Clints idea of play time and not exercise time. I now refer to it as "play time" too."