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Chocolate Frappe recipe

Chocolate Frappe

A delicious dairy-free iced chocolate frappe perfect for hot summer days!


1 400ml tin pure coconut milk frozen into ice cubes (Ayam is my fave)

1-2 tbsp organic pure cocoa powder (I love Organic Times)

1/4 cup filtered/spring water or liquid coconut milk/cream (from another tin)

Raw honey or pure Grade B maple syrup to sweeten as you like (Planet Organic maple is great)

Optional to make different flavours: cold shot of pure coffee, peppermint extract, vanilla extract.

Handy items to have

  • Stick blender or regular blender

  • Ice cube trays

  • Eco straws

  • Milkshake glasses or other tall tumbler/serving glass


Blitz all ingredients together until all the ice cubes have blended properly.

Pour into serving glasses and enjoy!

FYI: this is kid-approved (by my nephew Tom!)!

Watch the video demo for making a Choc Peppermint Frappe - perfect for Christmas:

tom frappe_edited.jpg

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