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Comunite'z - "unite for life" - mental health + suicide awareness + support

"Our vision is to positively impact the community and raise awareness for suicide prevention. Community and connection is at the heart of our organisation with the 5 Cs at the core of our beliefs – Care, Conversation, Connection, Community, and Change. Together we can contribute to the provision of youth programs to build stronger connections and engagement with our young people to create generational changes to become leaders of the future. Together we can achieve our shared vision of a world without suicide. We invite you to be part of Comunite’z and create a positive change.

Our mission is to connect young people with various community groups to explore opportunities to grow and uncover their passion and interest. There they can build relationships and form connections to enhance their sense of belonging, self-worth and fulfillment. Our aim is to deliver youth programs with support from partners across a broad range of areas such as surfing, free diving, martial arts, leadership, mindfulness, art and music. We will create community events to facilitate a wider engagement to be inclusive of all people and further our vision to create a world without suicide.



 Zak’s Comunite’z (Facebook group) is a place where people can come to and speak honestly and openly about suicide, depression and anxiety where you can feel supported and free from judgment.

I am 42 years old with an amazing family who are my entire world and I’ve never been happier. It hasn’t always been like this as I’ve had some serious struggles with depression and anxiety with my lowest point coming in 2004 when I hung myself. Fortunately for me I was found in enough time to be cut down and survived. I want everyone to know that life will get better, you just have to dig deep to get through the hard times and you will find happiness again. This is something that I haven’t shared with many people at all in my life until now as this message has to get out and hopefully save others.

Zak is my cousin's son who at the age of 12 decided he wanted to end his own life and sadly wasn’t fortunate like me to have someone find him in time. Our family will never get over this only ever have questions that will never be answered.

I created Zak’s Comunite’z in honor of this amazing young boy who will always be a special part of our family and who tragically is gone but will never be forgotten.

Comunite’z has been created to bring communities together and you can see by the spelling there is the word "unite" in the name a the z is for Zak. The meaning behind the word is for communities to unite for Zak and work together to make a positive impact with suicide prevention."  - Nathan Taylor, founder

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- $10 from every Private Kids Coaching trial session 

- Events and workshops; some held specifically for charity, others the profit or a percentage is donated

- Accepting donations any time, below

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The Games + Get-together event held 23/01/2021 raised $237!