Primal Play for Kids - Casual Classes

Get the kids outdoors, having fun, burning off excess energy and give yourself a break!

Upcoming Classes

Currently no classes are planned
Age: 3+ yrs old (if there are bookings coming in for younger and older kids we'll make 2x classes back-to-back)
Cost: $10 ea via correct cash on the day
Duration: 45 min
Class size: Min. 3 kids booked in by 3 hours prior to each class. Max. 20. 
Bookings are essential!
What to bring: Water bottle, spare change of clothes and towel in case of rain/sand/dirt - rain will not stop us from playing!
Please keep in mind classes may be cancelled by me at the last minute due to various reasons (too many kids not able to attend, me being unwell, bad weather, etc) but I give as much notice to parents via text as I possibly can. Therefore I ask for parents to provide me with as much notice as they can of not attending.


1. Read the T+C below

2. Complete the booking form (ensure email and phone are typed accurately). You can book in for as many classes as you like at the one time. Include no. of kids attending, first names and ages.

3. We'll email you back as soon as we can to confirm your booking and give you any other info you need

4. Please tell your friends, the more kids who can come along for the fun the better!

About the Classes:

- A variety of basic natural movements for all over strengthening, stamina, stability, cardio fitness etc
- Various fun games, play and interaction with each other. Some the kids will be familiar with, some they won't have ever played.
- Magic is often included to increase engagement and connection
- Structured / unstructured play - games and movements are suggested but not forced on the kids, they can move differently if they wish. Often they don't "want" to do something because they can't do it, so gentle encouragement and guidance is given.
Classes are created to improve and increase the kids' general strength and fitness, while also teaching them to be agile and confident in a wide range of movements their body's are naturally built to perform.
They'll also benefit from being outdoors, away from electronics and technology, getting fresh air and sunshine, interacting with other children and using their imagination and creativity. All this stimulates brain function which is an important part of their general health and well-being as they grow.
This is not exercise! There won't be Burpees, Crunches, Pushups and other typical exercises. The activities in these classes compliment other sporting and movement activities they do the remainder of the week.
IMPORTANT! These classes are not babysitting services; parents/guardians are responsible for their child/children the entire time and must supervise and discipline as required.  
Sunshin Coast Daily Primal Play Kids article
Featured in the Sunshine Coast Daily
December 2017
Maroochy and Kawana Weekly
Featured in the Maroochy & Kawana Weekly
28 Dec 2016

The Coach:

Clint Bauer

Qualified Personal Trainer, MovNat Trainer, Blue Card holder, Nature Play QLD Provider and big kid!


Payment can be paid via correct cash at the start of each session.

Primal Influence reserves the right to request a child no longer attend classes but will provide sufficient reasoning verbally or in writing.

Bookings are required via email, text message or phone call at least 2 hours prior to the start of each class.

Parents and guardians are required to sign an online Training Disclaimer on behalf of each child prior to the child or children commencing their first class. Primal Influence reserves the right to cancel classes due to bad weather or other relevant circumstances and will do so directly with parents/guardians at the earliest possible time, via text message, phone call or email.

Email addresses of the parent/guardian making the booking and attending class will be added to the Primal Kids e-news list but will not be spammed, nor sold or given out to anyone else.



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