Recipes: Carnivore Inspired

We're taking our health to the next level and sharing our recipes, food ideas and cooking tips with you!

We were 90% Paleo for 8 years and now we're going 90% Carnivore, which doesn't mean we have no variety and consume solely boring muscle meats every meal of every day.

What exactly does "carnivore diet" mean? Animal products only. No plant foods. For us it means most of our meals are animal-only, and a few meals on weekends may include plant foods depending on what we have going on in our lives.

Olive oil? Nope. Tallow, ghee, raw organic butter, lard, raw suet. And lots of it!

Fruit? Mostly no. Sometimes berries and foraged wild seasonal foods.

Veggies? Nope. None.

Salt? Yep. And lots of it!

Just muscle meat? Nope. Nose to tail is key for providing essential nutrients. Offal is gooooood!

Nuts and seeds? Nope. Too many natural defence mechanisms (i.e. anti-nutrients/poison)

Raw honey? Sometimes because technically it's an animal food but it is high in sugar.

Dairy? Sometimes, if we cope well on dairy. More so raw if anything. Other animal milk products yes, we do fine on them.

Eggs? Hells yes, and lots of them!


Aimee, being the foodie and cooking fanatic she is, is always experimenting in the kitchen and creating interesting, do-able and sustainable ways to prepare and enjoy healthy ingredients.  

We invite you to find inspiration in our journey to better health!

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