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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don't already have any camping gear?


You'll need to buy or borrow some! If a friend or family member doesn't have a small-medium tent, chair, bed etc you can borrow for your family for the weekend or you can purchase gear at various shops and online stores.


What you'll need:


- 1x 1-3 person tent for single or twin-share, OR 1x 6 person tent for 4-6 people, 1x 10 person tent for 7 people. Ensure it's weather proof with no leaks and has a fly for protection against rain

- 1x basic camp chair for each camper - no inflatable chairs or lilos, ensure it's a basic folding camping chair

- Bedding for everyone suitable for Summer camping

- All linen, suitable for Summer camping - sleeping bags, sheets etc


Tip: the better quality you buy initially the longer your gear will last for future camping trips. With camping gear, particularly sleeping bags and bedding items, it's often a case of "you get what you pay for". This also helps with sustainability and being eco-friendly, because the less often you need to throw out your gear to replace with new gear, the better for the environment.




I'm traveling via air, how do I bring a tent etc?


You have the option of hiring some items from us if you're flying in for the event. Sleeping bags, camp chairs, and tents are available to hire for the duration of the event. See the Registration page for prices and choose required add-ons in the Registration Form.



Some or all of our family/friends have never been camping before. Is this OK?


Yes absolutely! This event is sort of like an introduction to camping because you'll be bringing some of your own camping gear, you won't be camping alone, and a lot of the work will be done for you. For example, the cooking and cleaning is taken care of but you will be able to learn about healthy camp cooking such as food and meal ideas, cooking gear to use etc.


This is neither 'glamping' nor 'bush camping'; it's tent camping with basic camp gear and amenities but you're not out in the wilderness with only the bare essentials and having to fend for yourselves. It sits nicely somewhere in the middle of those two types of camping!


If you're an experienced camper then that's great also!



My teen is shy, is this event suitable for them?


Yes! The facilitators have a lot of experience working with young people of all confidence levels and physical abilities. As long as you feel your child is somewhat open to this experience, shyness is not a problem. This event is designed to be supportive, encouraging and fun for everyone.



Will my teen be my responsibility throughout the camp?


You are responsible for you children for the duration of the camp. No activities are designed to be split into groups separating teens and adults; everyone is invited to participate in every activity. The venue is a semi-wild space and natural and man-made dangers are present, so it is the responsibility of each parent or legal guardian to be completely responsible for the children in their care at ALL times.



I have a child younger than 13 years old, can they attend?


No. We have set the age limit to 13 years as the minimum age to attend because of the types of event this is and the activities included. Younger siblings cannot attend this event.



Will you cater for food allergies, and food likes/dislikes?


All meals will be free from grains, soy/legumes, gluten. There may be grass-fed butter present but it won't be used for cooking (dairy-free alternatives will be available such as coconut milk, ghee etc). The chef can cater to vegetarian but not general food dislikes. The Registration Form asks for food allergies to be listed so if in the case someone, for example, is intolerant to onion the chef can work around that for some or all meals and at least provide options excluding allergy foods. 


We cannot cater to vegans or severe food allergies such as anaphylactic allergies to nuts. We cannot guarantee food and cooking elements haven't come in contact with nuts, seeds, gluten, dairy etc.



What will the weather be like?


It'll be Summer time so clothing, linen etc needs to be appropriate. It can get hot (around 30 degrees Celsius) during the day. There will be shade available and activities will be planned around weather conditions and temperatures. There may or may not be water in the creeks to swim in but we suggest you pack your swimmers just in case. 


Tents can become very hot during the day so it's advised to open windows and doors to allow for air flow before bed time.


The Camper Info Pack will have a list of suggested items to pack.



Will there be internet/phone coverage and phone/device charging available?


There may be patches of internet and phone reception at the venue, depending on your carrier. It is most likely there'll be a few spots you can access internet and phone but when driving to the venue you will experience no reception at times, so do not rely on phone/internet for directions, ensure you know the route before you leave home.


Kenilworth town centre is only a short drive from the camp and has full phone and internet coverage.


There will be one shared power board for phone/device charging but due to the number of items this will be used for and the number of campers, we ask that you ensure your phone/device is fully charged when you leave home and that you don't rely on the venue 's power. Some LED camping lanterns and other products actually come with USB charging capabilities now so that may be an option for you.


However, this is a nature camp so we encourage our campers to spend less time using electronic devices and more time enjoying the environment around them!



Can I leave the camp site?


We ask that campers stay on site at all times to enjoy the full camp experience.  However, you can leave the camp venue if there is an emergency and you need to seek stronger internet/phone reception or visit Kenilworth town for some reason. 



Do I have to join in the activities? Can I just come for my teen to join the activities and I read my book/work on my thesis/catch up on sleep?


Activities are suitable for both teens and adults and the event has been created for both, so we encourage everyone to participate but individuals are welcome to sit out of activities if they wish, outside of the free-range/relaxation time.



Still have questions? Email Clint + Aimee HERE