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Earthing Oz

An Aussie company producing a huge variety of products that allow you to get healing earthing while in bed, in the car, working at the computer... in so many situations! We use a Bed Pad and have slept deeper since the first night we put it under our sheet. It's amazing!

Earth Runners

Earth Runners make a variety of top quality sandals that mold to the shape of your foot and are earthed using copper plates so you can be barefoot in nature without having bare feet! We absolutely LOVE these shoes, they are so comfortable, they look nice, they last, it's a great company.. they are what we wear when we need something under our feet. 


Read our blog review HERE

Gelatin Australia

An Aussie company selling quality grass-fed pure beef gelatin powder. The gelling gelatin is actually made from Aussie cattle! They have a variety of pack options and their prices are terrific.


Pure gelatin is a natural detoxer and healer, essential for good health. We love using their products and know you will too!

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