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helping busy women feel more energetic, overcome aches
and pains, and move with confidence to be more productive at work... to have more fun the rest of the time!

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utilising digital technology to learn really cool stuff from the comfort of your own home so you can do more with your life outside!


I'm here to help busy women lead more balanced, productive, and happier lives with more energy and ease. Through natural movement, clean eating and creating a healthy mindset.

Kick stress, lethargy, pain and brain fog for good! Get more out of your life!

Do you currently struggle with any of these:

- feeling sluggish some or all of the time ?

- low mood and out-of-whack hormones ?

- aches and pains in your joints or regular headaches ?

- gut / digestive issues ?

- lacking motivation to get out there and make your big dreams a reality ?

I can help you with our variety of online services, resources and programs!


Personalised 1:1 Coaching    |    Mini Online Masterclasses   |   Free recipes + e-book

Hi! I'm Aimee, your dedicated Primal Health Coach


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IMPORTANT: Private Kids Coaching and all other disability services are now available through
Autism & Beyond Coaching Australia

Acknowledgement of Country

Primal Influence acknowledges the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land.
We recognise their connection to land, sea and community, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
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